Before You Publish

Why Choose to Independently Publish

Independently publishing enables writers to easily become published authors. Beyond putting words on the page, you control every aspect of authoring. You choose the cover, the price, the layout and how many to print.

We pride ourselves on the ability to serve all your printing needs. Whether you require large print quantities, full color printing or specific paper requests, we have partners we work with to meet your needs at competitive prices and with a personal touch.


  • Most commercial publishers work on a long production cycle. With our publishing program, you can receive a proof copy quickly.
  • A large publisher takes a percentage of sales. When you publish with Shires Press you get royalties of 100% of the amount between the printing cost and the retail price.
  • You will always own the rights to your book.
  • Large publishers may decline your book because they feel there is limited sales potential. Shires Press supports books about local or regional topics regardless of their sales potential.
  • You make all the decisions regarding your book.
  • Share what you have learned, build your career, or leave a legacy to your family and friends.