Writers' Support Group

Both before and during my many years of full time employment here at the Northshire Bookstore, I have been what one might call an “aspiring writer”. As those of you who partake of the craft of writing can attest, it is not a simple thing to do any serious level of writing on a part-time basis. Yet we write on, as time, energy, inspiration and faith allows, writing what we can, when we can. Some may dream of bestseller lists, some write for the sheer love of the creative process, some may just wish they had more time to pursue their writing- be it children's stories, sci-fi fantasy, memoirs, the world's greatest novel or another genre. All face the simple yet daunting task of “keeping the faith” as they face the challenges of finding sufficient and consistent time to practice their craft, of not being fatally discouraged at the inevitable rejection letters, and of finding, in their daily lives, the essential emotional support needed to keep them “on the path”.

The Northshire Writers' Support Group meets monthly here in our conference room at the store. This is an opportunity for writers of all ages, experience levels and writing interests to make connections with fellow writers, to find an interested and supportive audience for their works, and to commiserate over the challenges- and share the joys- inherent to being a writer.

If you would like to join our group, or have any questions please send a note of interest to me at jfine@northshire.com