Unraveling Oliver: A Novel - Nugent, Liz - 9781501173387 (Used Book)

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Nugent, Liz
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Nugent, Liz
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Gallery/Scout Press
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G+ç-úSearing, searching, finally scorching. Think Making a Murderer via Patricia Highsmith: an elegant kaleidoscope novel that refines and combines multiple perspectives until its subject is brought into indelible, tragic focus.G+ç-Ñ G+ç+¦A. J. Finn, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Woman in the Window

G+ç-úPitch-black and superbly written.G+ç-Ñ G+ç+¦Ruth Ware, New York Times bestselling author of The Woman in Cabin 10

G+ç-úTop-notch grip litG+ç-¬incredibly brilliant.G+ç-Ñ G+ç+¦Marian Keyes, New York Times bestselling author

Oliver Ryan has the perfect life. Elegant and seductive, he wants for nothing, sharing a lovely home with his steadfast wife, Alice, who illustrates the award-winning childrenG+ç+ûs books that have brought him wealth and fame. Until one evening, after eating the dinner Alice has carefully prepared, Oliver savagely assaults her and leaves her for dead.

But why?

The people who know Oliver can only speculate about the reasons behind his brutal act: his empty-headed mistress Moya, vain and petulant; Veronique, the French chatelaine who tragically lost everything the summer she employed him in her vineyard; AliceG+ç+ûs friend Barney, who has nursed an unrequited love for her since childhood; OliverG+ç+ûs college pal Michael, struggling with voiceless longings that have shamed him for years. What none of them understands is the dark secret that lies behind his immaculate fa+-¦ade.

The revelations that come to light as the layers of OliverG+ç+ûs past are peeled away are as brutal as his singular act of violence. His decades of careful deception have masked a life irrevocably marked by abandonment, envy, and shameG+ç+¦and as the details of that life are laid bare, Oliver discovers that outrunning his demons is harder than it looks.

With its insight into the mind of a psychopath emerging from the wreckage of his own misbegotten past, Unraveling Oliver is a chilling page-turner, brilliantly crafted and unexpectedly moving, by a stunning new voice in fiction. Liz Nugent "presents a fresh look at a man hiding his violent personality in this intense character study" (Publishers Weekly, starred review). As powerful as Patricia HighsmithG+ç+ûs unforgettable noir classic, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Unraveling Oliver will enthrall you from its mesmerizing opening line to its equally shocking last page.
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