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How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need By Bill Gates Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593081853
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Published: Vintage - August 23rd, 2022

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER • In this urgent, authoritative book, Bill Gates sets out a wide-ranging, practical—and accessible—plan for how the world can get to zero greenhouse gas emissions in time to avoid a climate catastrophe.

At Home on an Unruly Planet: Finding Refuge on a Changed Earth By Madeline Ostrander Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250620514
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Published: Henry Holt and Co. - August 2nd, 2022

From rural Alaska to coastal Florida, a vivid account of Americans working to protect the places they call home in an era of climate crisis

How do we find a sense of home and rootedness in a time of unprecedented upheaval? What happens when the seasons and rhythms in which we have built our lives go off-kilter?

Nomad Century: How Climate Migration Will Reshape Our World By Gaia Vince Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250821614
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Published: Flatiron Books - August 23rd, 2022

An urgent investigation of the most underreported, seismic consequence of climate change: how it will force us to change where—and how—we live

“We are facing a species emergency. We can survive, but to do so will require a planned and deliberate migration of a kind humanity has never before undertaken. This is the biggest human crisis you’ve never heard of.”

Salmon Wars: The Dark Underbelly of Our Favorite Fish By Catherine Collins, Douglas Frantz Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250800305
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Published: Henry Holt and Co. - July 12th, 2022

A Pulitzer Prize-winning correspondent and a former private investigator dive deep into the murky waters of the international salmon farming industry, exposing the unappetizing truth about a fish that is not as good for you as you have been told.

After Cooling: On Freon, Global Warming, and the Terrible Cost of Comfort By Eric Dean Wilson Cover Image
ISBN: 9781982111311
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Published: Simon & Schuster - July 19th, 2022

This “ambitious [and] delightful” (The New York Times) work of literary nonfiction interweaves the science and history of the powerful refrigerant (and dangerous greenhouse gas) Freon with a haunting meditation on how to live meaningfully and morally in a rapidly heating world.

In After Cooling, Eric Dean Wilson braids together air-conditioning history, clim

Capitalism in the Anthropocene: Ecological Ruin or Ecological Revolution By John Bellamy Foster Cover Image
ISBN: 9781583679746
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Published: Monthly Review Press - August 23rd, 2022

Over the last 11,700 years, during which human civilization developed, the earth has existed within what geologists refer to as the Holocene Epoch. Now science is telling us that the Holocene Epoch in the geological time scale ended, replaced by the onset of a new, more dangerous Anthropocene Epoch, which began around 1950.

Under a White Sky: The Nature of the Future By Elizabeth Kolbert Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593136287
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Published: Crown - April 5th, 2022

NATIONAL BESTSELLER • The Pulitzer Prize–winning author of The Sixth Extinction returns to humanity’s transformative impact on the environment, now asking: After doing so much damage, can we change nature, this time to save it?

Saving Nature One Yard at a Time: How to Protect and Nurture Our Native Species By David Deardorff, Kathryn Wadsworth Cover Image
ISBN: 9781682686492
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Published: Countryman Press - May 10th, 2022

Discover 100 ways to support endangered plant and wildlife species in your community and beyond.

Things You Can Do: How to Fight Climate Change and Reduce Waste By Eduardo Garcia, Sara Boccaccini Meadows (Illustrator) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781984859662
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Published: Ten Speed Press - April 19th, 2022

Learn what things you can do right now to reduce your carbon footprint with this inspiring, accessible, stunningly illustrated book based on Eduardo Garcia’s popular New York Times column.

Tree Thieves: Crime and Survival in North America's Woods By Lyndsie Bourgon Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316497442
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Published: Little, Brown Spark - June 21st, 2022

A gripping investigation of the billion-dollar timber black market “and a fascinating examination of the deep and troubled relationship between people and forests” (Michelle Nijhuis, author of Beloved Beasts)

There's a strong chance that chair you are sitting on was made from stolen lumber.

What Your Food Ate: How to Heal Our Land and Reclaim Our Health By David R. Montgomery, Anne Biklé Cover Image
ISBN: 9781324004530
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Published: W. W. Norton & Company - June 21st, 2022

Are you really what you eat?

David R. Montgomery and Anne Biklé take us far beyond the well-worn adage to deliver a new truth: the roots of good health start on farms. What Your Food Ate marshals evidence from recent and forgotten science to illustrate how the health of the soil ripples through to that of crops, livestock, and ultimately us.

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The World Without Us By Alan Weisman Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250834003
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Published: Picador - April 19th, 2022


A Time #1 Nonfiction Book* An Entertainment Weekly #1 Nonfiction Book *A Finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award and Salon Book Awards* A Kansas City Star's Top 100 Book of the Year *A Mother Jones' Favorite Book*