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Our Yeti stuffed animal is a must-have for folklore aficionados. Soft and adorable, this 12 inch standing Abominable Snowman plush offers legendary cuteness and is licensed by Animal Planet.

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Get ready to take a step into the wild side with the Cuddlekins Alpaca Stuffed Animal by Wild Republic. You can look high or low but you won't find a alpaca stuffed animal that compares. Measuring approximately twelve inches in a seated position, this stuffed alpaca is the perfect size to be a cuddly plush companion for life. Crafted expertly with realistic markings for a touch of realism, and given a friendly face for comfort, you'll find everything you need in a stuffed animal from this plush alpaca.

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Leap into action with the Cuddlekins Red Eyed Tree Frog stuffed animal. He’s a virtual rainbow of brightly-colored blue, yellow, orange and green. Those markings and red eyes aren’t just for show; they serve a purpose by scaring away predators. This stuffed frog loves to be squeezed!

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Even though the unicorn is a mythological creature, This adorable White animal is very much alive to those who love a good fairy tale. Known for being the creature that holds the power of divine truth, this loyal companion is the perfect gift for kids looking for a new friend. This unicorn animal plushier is vibrant in color and in Starry, jumbo spirit. It's the soft stuffed animal begging to be cuddled like a pillow. Adventures through the forest are possible with this unicorn because of its high-quality materials and washable surface.

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The Meerkat has been an adored creature for years and now you can take the magic of it home with this stuffed animal version. Measuring at 12 this marvelous Meerkat plush toy is ready to take on any wild adventures that will take place.

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  • Realistic mom and baby jumbo orangutan, eco friendly fill made of recycled water bottles, posed together as they would be in nature, soft, cuddly.
  • Educational; teaches children about wildlife. Mom and baby are stitched together. They can be easily detached.
  • This big stuffed animal makes a great gift: perfect for baby showers, birthday gifts, holiday gifts, room decoration and themed parties.
  • Toy Safety: Exceed the requirements set by SCSIA (USA) and EN71 (EU) for safety standards and specifications. Safe for the little one.

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This sweet pink camo snake will go to great lengths for fun. Measuring a massive 54 inches, this lovable stuffed snake is covered in fuzzy pink fur with a dark pink and black camo pattern. With lifelike shiny eyes and a pink flicking tongue, this super long snake will wrap you in love.