Stuffed Animals - Snake

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The Weighted Snake is the perfect companion for your neck. It wraps and twists delighting both young and old. Made of sparkly Lycra for visual stimulation.

The manimo are weighted animals providing to older and younger children a sensory proprioceptive stimulation and a soothing effect on the body and mind. These companions were designed to help children remain attentive and focused during their daily activities in different contexts.

How does this tool work?

This tool provides sensory proprioceptive stimulation , that is a deep pressure on the body part where it is placed, which has a soothing effect on the child's nervous system. It alleviates excess energy while providing deep pressure sensations. The manimo have the effect of optimizing concentration and helping children learn about their bodies and t he space around them.

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This sweet pink camo snake will go to great lengths for fun. Measuring a massive 54 inches, this lovable stuffed snake is covered in fuzzy pink fur with a dark pink and black camo pattern. With lifelike shiny eyes and a pink flicking tongue, this super

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Slither your way toward wild adventure with this super long snake! This 54-inch rainbow boa stuffed animal is covered in soft, snuggly colorful fur instead of scales, with a golden belly and a reddish brown spotted body. Go ahead, give it a tight squeeze.

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This snake is all show and no bite.
With a realistically shaped head and fun slipstream blue print pattern, this 54 stuffed animal is great for squeezing, hugging, and admiring.