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This 12” Detective Pusheen plush was inspired by a popular web comic, and features a tweed pattern cap and cape that’s perfect for sleuthing
  • Plush
  • 7.25 in H
  • Pusheen plush toy dressed as popular detective theme comic

The colorful diplodocus is a peaceful, plant-eating pal. This long-necked, long-tailed giant used to roam North America in prehistoric times, measuring 90 feet long and weighing up to 15 tons! This stuffed blue dinosaur is much cuddlier and, at 10 inches

SKU: 9781441313638

Awww! This dragonlet emerged from its egg all alone in the world. It needs a guardian -- like you! -- to teach it the finer points of flying, gold-hoarding, and toasting marshmallows with its breath.
  • Kit box measures 3-1/2 inches high x 3-1/

SKU: 0028399086030

GUND is proud to present Dug — a jumbo sized 26” doggie plush made from realistic tipped plush material for added softness and realism. Features a seated design and adorable floppy ears.
  • Jumbo Dug dog plush with floppy ears and realisti

SKU: 0719771221582

15" Jojo looks well-rested and huggable! Labeled machine wash, air dry.

SKU: 0028399097449

GUND is proud to present Floe — a 10” limited-edition beige teddy bear with an eye-catching and super soft design.
  • Floe limited edition beige teddy bear
  • Extra-long plush fabric for unique shaggy look
  • Microfiber

SKU: 0000772076227

Foxes are shy in the wild, but Frisky is "stuffed" full of personality! This 9 inch, smiling fox has super-soft, fuzzy fur and is always ready for a hug and cuddle. From pointy ears to fluffy tail, this fox will fit right into your heart.

SKU: 0819303005885

Tall and relaxed, Frog's bright green plush body is perfect for cuddling. Dressed in a warm camel-colored coat with red felt buttons and yellow hand-stitches, brown corduroy pants, and a grosgrain ribbon belt, Frog's embroidered eyes and optimistic exp

Over four feet tall, this gentle giant brings a touch of the exotic into any environment. The perfect accessory in a nursery, this eye-catching giraffe is a great addition to any décor! Attention to authentic details and excellent quality construction

SKU: 0028399085408

GUND is proud to present Grayson — a cuddly little 6” teddy with a striped fabric bow that takes cute factor to the next level. This rattle format shakes during play for added sensory stimulation.
  • Grayson teddy bear rattle shakes during play
  • Gender-neutral color and design are perfect for boys and girls
  • Embroidered eye and nose details ensure safe use
  • Machine-washable; ages 0+
  • 6 inch height (15.24 cm)

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