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Sakura is a fabulous Pink Llama Fur Fuzzle stuffed animal who prides herself on having a keen eye for all that is fanciful and fun! Featuring lusciously colored shaggy fur and a plump, squishable body, Sakura is delightfully huggable and soft. Glamorous eyelashes fringe her eyes while stitched facial details lend her an expression that’s hard to resist. Sakura’s extra long hair can be styled around her face for additional glam and attitude. Playful rainbow colored sequins accent her ears and feet for a look that will delight fantasy fans of all ages. Wildly unique and bursting with character, Sakura the plush Llama is the perfect friend for all those fashionistas looking to break free from everything drab and dull!

  • Dimensions 13.5 in
  • Age 3 Year Up
  • Animal / Character Llamas
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The cuddly and adorable red panda will snuggle its way into the heart of any animal lover! Standing about the size of a small dog (about two-and-a-half-feet long and just over a foot tall), its smooth, soft fur encourages hugs and cuddles, while quality construction and a strong interior structure make it hold up to years of playtime and hugs. Features include striking, realistic coloring and markings (who can resist that face!), soft-clawed feet, and a long, striped, black-tipped, feathery-soft tail. The red panda is sure to be a treasured addition to a child's menagerie!

  • Standing 2.5-foot-long lifelike red panda with silky-soft fur and long, striped tail
  • Realistic details include soft clawed feet that keep it standing upright, a long, striped, black-tipped, feathery-soft tail, black, red, orange, white, and brown fur, squishy nose, and a mouth that moves
  • Silky-smooth fur, soft, huggable body, quality craftsmanship, and adorable expression make the red panda irresistible to hug and cuddle
  • Strong and sturdy interior structure means it will stand up to years of snuggling
  • Ages 3+; 30 x 12.5 x 8

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Cruise the currents of the deep blue ocean with Renny, our exciting spotted Eagle Ray stuffed animal, and he will show you the wonders of a beautiful underwater landscape! Renny’s design features soft and sleek plush materials perfect for cuddling after hours of imaginative marine exploration. Bright orange fabric patterned with playful blue spots gives this plush toy an engaging appearance. Renny sports a realistic pointed snout, along tail, and expressive dark eyes. His interior polyester fill is soft and resilient and ensures a lifetime of fun and adventure. Equally ideal for at home play or as a teaching tool in an educational environment, let Renny the plush Eagle Ray lead the way to a love of learning about our natural world!

  • Weight 1.5 oz
  • Dimensions 16.5 in
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Nearly three feet long, this lifelike sea turtle is not shy! A delight to hug, use as a pillow or just snuggle up with, this realistic creature of the deep features excellent quality construction and careful attention to its lifelike markings. Details

  • Giant lifelike plush sea turtle
  • Beautiful markings and realistic details
  • Soft polyester fabric
  • Surface washable
  • 3+ years

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This sweet pink camo snake will go to great lengths for fun. Measuring a massive 54 inches, this lovable stuffed snake is covered in fuzzy pink fur with a dark pink and black camo pattern. With lifelike shiny eyes and a pink flicking tongue, this super

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Slither your way toward wild adventure with this super long snake! This 54-inch rainbow boa stuffed animal is covered in soft, snuggly colorful fur instead of scales, with a golden belly and a reddish brown spotted body. Go ahead, give it a tight squeeze.

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This snake is all show and no bite.
With a realistically shaped head and fun slipstream blue print pattern, this 54 stuffed animal is great for squeezing, hugging, and admiring.