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One cuddle with our new Ivy the Hanging Sloth plush toy and we dare you not to be entranced by her charm! Made with luxurious plush fabrics of the highest quality, Ivy is a delight to touch and cuddle. Her long arms and slouchy soft body are designed to hug around your neck or cradle perfectly into your arms. Featuring realistic facial details and Velcro hands, Ivy the stuffed sloth will surely become a favorite. Get her as a snuggle companion for yourself or a gift for your favorite sloth lover. With our charming plush sloth Ivy, you can't go wrong!
11" Sitting, 16" Long

When the world tells you something is impossible, give Kash the plush Sasquatch a hug and be inspired to chase your dreams, no matter how improbable they may be! With his big expressive eyes and oversized feet, this friendly Bigfoot is all charm and whimsy. Long pile faux fur with a delightfully woodsy palette has been selected for his shaggy coat while short, velvety material depicts Kash's face, hands, and feet. Durable polyester fill makes him ready for a lifetime of love and adventure. If life's obstacles have you feeling defeated, give this unique stuffed animal a snuggle and embrace the impossible with Kash the Sasquatch!

  • Weight 8.8 oz
  • Dimensions 10 × 8 × 13 in
  • Age 24 Months & Up
  • Animal / Character Sasquatch
  • SKU: 4141

Everybody stops to look on and admire the grace and beauty of Kimora the Princess Swan when she glides by on the water! Lovely rosy pink plush fur has been selected to depict her elegant plumage and glittery tulle accents decorate the feathers of her wings. Kimora's bright golden eyes sparkle in the light and compliment the metallic gold material of her beak and royal crown. Make Kimora your own and she will bring a touch of wonder and magic to your enchanted garden with her graceful presence. This beautiful Swan stuffed animal makes a wonderful fairytale companion for everyone who has dreamed of being a princess!

  • Weight 4.4 oz
  • Dimensions 11 in
  • Animal / Character Swans
  • Age 24 Months & Up
  • SKU: 4152

Few things are sweeter than a cuddly little Sloth who loves to snuggle and hang out in your arms and our Libby the Sloth stuffed animal loves doing just that! This lovable plush Sloth is crafted with rich brown fur that's so soft it practically melts in your hands. Pale cappuccino colored tips enhance the appearance of her faux fur, lending it an appealingly realistic look. Her warm amber eyed expression is accentuated by dark facial stripes. A sculpted black nose and felt claw detail further add to Libby's lifelike appearance. Her slouchy pose and long floppy arms simply beg to be scooped up and hugged, so make this endearing plush Sloth your own and Libby will happily be your constant companion!

  • Weight 6.3 oz
  • Dimensions 11 in
  • Animal / Character Sloths
  • Age 24 Months & Up
  • SKU: 3720

Plump and huggable, Maureen the floppy Horse stuffed animal is a lovable companion when it's time to snuggle up and snooze! She is irresistibly cuddly with a brown and white coat made with the softest plush fur. Downy soft polyester fill within her floppy body is springy and resilient to ensure she?ll be around for a lifetime of love. Maureen's warm brown eyes lend her a sweet expression while a soft, fluffy mane and tail add personality and endearing character to this cuddly plush mare. Wrap your arms around Maureen the soft pinto pony and let her carry you off to dreams of green meadows and exciting trail rides!

  • Weight 10.3 oz
  • Dimensions 23 × 6 × 9 in
  • Animal / Character Horses
  • Age 24 Months & Up
  • SKU: 2072

Take part in a boisterous dance with Nia, our African Crowned Crane stuffed animal, and discover this exotic bird's dramatic flair! Featuring a realistic design and sweet, heavily lashed eyes, this gorgeous plush Crane is sure to be a hit with nature lovers of all ages. Nia's body is weighted for lifelike realism while her feathery plumage is depicted with designer plush materials in a variety of colors and exquisite patterns. Her velvety gray legs are long and soft and give Nia an appealingly floppy body style that's easy to pose for display or cuddle up in your arms. It's fun to dream up exciting safari adventures with Nia the colorful plush Crowned Crane!

  • Weight 7.9 oz
  • Dimensions 12 × 6 × 13 in
  • SKU: 4276

If you're looking for a special Golden Retriever stuffed animal who is sure to take home the award for "Best in Show" Oakley's got what it takes! We've tracked down the finest plush materials for the animals in our DLux collection to ensure these dogs come out ahead of the competition. Oakley's realistic design boasts ultra soft fabrics with personality and distinction. Snuggly soft interior polyester fill and a luxuriously floppy body makes him ideal for hugs. All the loyalty of this faithful breed has been encapsulated in this lovable plush dog. He'll be there when you want to snuggle or are in need of a reassuring friend. Adopt this handsome pup and he'll prove himself as a champion companion!

  • Weight 11.3 oz
  • Dimensions 19 in
  • Breed Golden Retriever
  • SKU: 2420

Pauline Pig is a legend around the farm. Her beautiful grey spots and endearing little face make everyone feel special! Squishable and luxurious, too!

Petra the plush Pika is new to our 2018 Stuffed Animal Collection. This oh-so cute little creature can be found scurrying around on rocks gathering grasses and flowers to store in her burrow for the winter months. But if you invited her to live with you, she'd be happy to take you up on your offer! Pikas look like rodents but are actually more closely related to rabbits. Like real Pikas, our plush Pika is crafted with delightfully soft fur materials. She features bright, black eyes and the small rounded ears Pikas are known for. At 6 inches long, this adorable stuffed animal is the perfect size to hold in the palm of your hand or tuck into a pocket for adventures. Bring home a Douglas wildlife Classic today!

6" tall Poppy Puff Bee is the cutest little stuffed bumble bee you'll ever see! Soft fabric and embellishments like wings and antennae this little bee is a buzz!

Ryker the DLux Raccoon stuffed animal is a dapper fellow who always seems to be getting into some sort of trouble. But if you ask him about it, he'll tell you that it's simply business as usual for a mischievous furry critter such as himself! Ryker's winsome appearance can be attributed to a distinctive coat of designer faux fur that's so soft and realistic, it must be felt to be believed. His floppy body style makes him a lovable companion for cuddling while elegant, dark facial markings and a ringed tail give him the classic look of his species. Make friends with Ryker the handsome plush Raccoon and he'll invite you to come along with him on all his nighttime escapades!

  • Weight 10.3 oz
  • Dimensions 18 × 7 × 7 in
  • Animal / Character Raccoons
  • SKU: 2443

Sakura is a fabulous Pink Llama Fur Fuzzle stuffed animal who prides herself on having a keen eye for all that is fanciful and fun! Featuring lusciously colored shaggy fur and a plump, squishable body, Sakura is delightfully huggable and soft. Glamorous eyelashes fringe her eyes while stitched facial details lend her an expression that’s hard to resist. Sakura’s extra long hair can be styled around her face for additional glam and attitude. Playful rainbow colored sequins accent her ears and feet for a look that will delight fantasy fans of all ages. Wildly unique and bursting with character, Sakura the plush Llama is the perfect friend for all those fashionistas looking to break free from everything drab and dull!

  • Dimensions 13.5 in
  • Age 3 Year Up
  • Animal / Character Llamas
  • SKU: 4160

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