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SKU: 0767548141847

One of the five Scottish dog breeds, Black the Scotty Dog is smart, fiercely loyal and surprisingly rugged! He is often a royal favorite but really just wants to be hanging out in your warm and loving arms! 12" long

Taffy the Shetland Pony just doesn’t understand why everyone who sees her shrieks with glee. We know that it’s because she may the cutest thing ever. Mocha brown luxuriously soft fur and golden brown mane. 9" tall

12? long Spike purple Narwhal. Fanciful and magical and now in purple!

Rainbows and llamas and horns, oh my! Introducing our Llamacorn Sassy Pet Sak. Pretty much the coolest thing since fuffernutters (if you don't know, you need to!). Our pink fuzzy plush llama has a silver metallic horn and a brush-able rainbow monofilament tail (yes, really). As if this magical creature wasn't amazing enough on her own, she comes in a rainbow motif tote bag for on-the-go fun. Yes, please! Measuring 6″ wide the rainbow tote is ready to hold all of life's most important little treasures! Designed in New Hampshire by our ever talented Design Team with style, design, squish and durability in mind. Recommended for ages 24 months and up.

Llama Sassy Sak will give you an extra step in your strut! Colorful geometric llama design in bright pink and purple. Soft little Llama fits perfectly inside!

SKU: 0767548137765

6" tall Poppy Puff Bee is the cutest little stuffed bumble bee you'll ever see! Soft fabric and embellishments like wings and antennae this little bee is a buzz!

SKU: 0767548141885

He may be the giant of the forest but don’t be scared of Max Moose! He is kind hearted and shy and just wants your love; which is easy to give as it turns out. He is super squishy soft and in a floppy laying down position guaranteed to en

Henrietta Blue Lace Hen doesn’t know how strikingly beautiful she really is! The envy of the coop, Henrietta is truly a show stopper! She spends her days grooming her luxuriously soft feathers enjoying the breeze and sunshine of the farm!

SKU: 0767548142042

Gerti Goat is new to the barnyard but has made fast friends! She is a little shy but full of spunk and character! You’ll want to keep her close with that snuggle soft fur but watch out for your shirt! She does appreciate a tasty tee-sh

4" long Brown Multi Chick in our unique brown and white fabric is both realistic and adorable! A perfect size for the palm of your hand this stuffed chic is begging to be brought home!
Washing Instr.: Machine Wash
AGES:: 18 Months & U&l

Camilla Chinchilla should be tired of the shrieks and gasps that come when anyone sees her but she loves the attention and says it will never get old. Luxuriously soft and uniquely colored plush with ears that will just melt you. Be prepared to never let

SKU: 0767548141182

Queen of the forest Amber Fox is sly and sweet. Laying down position and slightly floppy. A combination of short and long plush make this gal realistic without sacrificing any softness. 12" Long

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