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4" long Brown Multi Chick in our unique brown and white fabric is both realistic and adorable! A perfect size for the palm of your hand this stuffed chic is begging to be brought home!
Washing Instr.: Machine Wash
AGES:: 18 Months & U&l

Meet Hugo the Whale Shark! Known as the gentle giant of the sea, whale sharks are the largest species of shark and can grow up to 40 feet! Our Hugo isn’t quite that big but we think you’ll fall head over fins for his amazingly soft material, more manageable BIG size of 22? long and unique shimmer spots! Speaking of spots, each whale shark has a unique set of spots, no two are the same – kind of like human fingerprints! Cool!

Hugo the stuffed animal Whale Shark is so big you can use him as a pillow or snuggle friend or display him in your room to show off to your friends! His grey material is, as we mentioned, crazy soft but it is also a little bit fluffy making him irresistible to put down. Welcoming Hugo into your life will be nothing short of magic, we promise.

Calla Pink Seahorse stands out in the crystal blue waters with her shimmering pink and purple body and long, luscious locks! Add your personal style with a brush able hair (brush included!)

Princess mermaid with Pink brush-able hair and a silver crown fits perfectly into her under the sea themed Sassy Sak. Sweet pink, mermaid, narwhal, and golden star adorned motif with delicate details. Completely magical!

SIZE (IN) 7" Wide<

Rainbows and llamas and horns, oh my! Introducing our Llamacorn Sassy Pet Sak. Pretty much the coolest thing since fuffernutters (if you don't know, you need to!). Our pink fuzzy plush llama has a silver metallic horn and a brush-able rainbow monofilament

Spiney Octopus is a lovable plush creature from the deep that has come to the surface in search of hugs. With his eight long arms, he’s just the critter for the job! Luxurious fabrics with lifelike patterns make Spiney the Octopus stuffed toy soft to the touch and an extra appealing cuddle pal. His lifelike, expressive eyes lend him additional character. With a focus on realism, Spiney would make an ideal educational soft toy or an especially cool friend for playtime adventures. High quality construction ensures this plush toy is ready for years of fun. Bring Spiny the imaginative octopus plush toy home today!

16"(45cm- Smaller horse in front) This elegant and beautiful chestnut horse is exquisitely realistic and ultra soft and cuddly.

SKU: 0767548141298

Windsor the Mocha Foal can be found romping around her favorite clover-filled field with her sister, Mosaic. Mocha brown, ultra soft plush with deep brown mane and feet. 10" tall

SKU: 0767548143230

Alice the plush Alpaca is an easy going, friendly and wonderful pet! She wants to be clear, she is officially NOT a llama! She says alpacas are smaller than llamas, and that they are known for their docile nature and superb fibers (kind of like fur). Alice is fluffy and soft and she is super proud of all that fluff! Warm cream and brown coloring and the most adorable little face, Alice knows she’s a catch. Standing at 10.5? tall, Alice is a great size for pretend play, hanging out on a shelf to watch the playroom and her most favorite pastime, snuggling. Alice is recommended for ages 2 and up!

Stuffed Animal Dragon lovers, beware! Aragon the navy blue majestic stuffed animal dragon is a treasure to behold. Amazing attention to detail and intricate use of textured materials make this stuffed dragon stand out from the crowd. The quality and craftsmanship you expect from Douglas with a whole bunch of whimsy and fantasy thrown in. Aragon’s pack of luxurious stuffed dragons is really growing! Collect his friends, Elgar (the copper stuffed animal dragon), Faust (the silver stuffed animal dragon), Jade Blue stuffed animal dragon, Merlin (the black and gold stuffed animal dragon) and more! Aragon is recommended for children two years and up.

SKU: 0767548144107

Arlo is a sweet little plush Black Bear cub who is very curious. He means no harm, but his adventures always seem to land him in some sort of trouble! He's currently looking for a friend to come and explore the big wide world with him. Perhaps you'd like to be this little bear cub's pal? Arlo's soft, pudgy body is crafted with high-quality plush fabric making him an especially huggable stuffed animal, soft enough for cuddling but durable to withstand life's great adventures. He features bright golden eyes and perky ears that reveal his inquisitive nature. Arlo's body is posed in a relaxed slouch and he sits about 10 inches high.

For over 60 years the talented Douglas design team has been working to create high-quality plush toys to delight both young and old. Our materials are carefully chosen for their realism and unique textures. Rigorous safety tests ensure Douglas?s animals are safe for all plush lovers over the age of 24 months. Treat yourself to a Douglas original today!
  • Realistic colors and design
  • 10 inches high
  • Soft, high-quality materials
  • Floppy, cuddly body style
  • Expressive eyes and engaging expression
  • Safe for children over 24 months

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