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SKU: 0028399096909

GUND is proud to present Calvin — a shaggy 14” pup who’s sure to become your new best friend.
  • Calvin plush dog
  • Unique extra-long plush material
  • Surface-washable
  • Ages 1+
  • 14” height

GUND is proud to present Karina — a cute and cuddly labradoodle that’s sure to become any plush lover’s best friend. Features accurate details that are sure to please fans of poodles and labs alike!

  • Plush
  • 10.5 in H

SKU: 0028399086030

GUND is proud to present Dug — a jumbo sized 26” doggie plush made from realistic tipped plush material for added softness and realism. Features a seated design and adorable floppy ears.
  • Jumbo Dug dog plush with floppy ears and realisti

SKU: 0000772076227

Foxes are shy in the wild, but Frisky is "stuffed" full of personality! This 9 inch, smiling fox has super-soft, fuzzy fur and is always ready for a hug and cuddle. From pointy ears to fluffy tail, this fox will fit right into your heart.

SKU: 0767548141434

When she’s not eating croissants and gazing at the Eiffel Tower, Gigi the Black Poodle spends her time yipping at the neighbors and snuggling with her people. Ultra soft, curly fur and a red bow, of course. Très chic! 8" Long

SKU: 0767548141823

Good luck walking past Graham the Yorkie without stopping to give him some love. I mean, look at that face and that laying down position! Our Floppy Pups are a bit under stuffed and made from luxuriously soft materials. 13" Long

SKU: 0819303003713

Made of super-soft white chenille plush, our award-winning Harry features sewn-in black spots and a green vinyl collar with golden studs. A playful pooch with a penchant for mischief, Harry has lively, embroidered eyes; a shiny patent leather nose; vel

Designer dogs ready for playtime! These puppies can sit or stand. This clever pup is a Golden Retriever + Poodle mix. Which makes him a Goldy Locks! Collect all six styles in the Puppy Playtime stuffed animal collection.
  • Ages 0+

With its snowy white fur and pointy, upturned ears, this perky little Westie is a perfect companion. It is just the right size to nestle in your lap or tuck under your arm for snuggling. Excellent quality construction and bright, friendly eyes ensure t

SKU: 0767548141847

One of the five Scottish dog breeds, Black the Scotty Dog is smart, fiercely loyal and surprisingly rugged! He is often a royal favorite but really just wants to be hanging out in your warm and loving arms! 12" long

The most faithful and lovable yellow lab ever! Known for its gentle behavior, this fetching pet features authentic canine details and top-quality construction. Built sturdy. Not intended as a seat or ride-on.

Not intended to hold the weigh

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