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Serpent Vision: Science, Metaphor, Story Cover Image
ISBN: 9781605714059
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Published: Northshire Bookstore - December 15th, 2017

In mythology, the inner journey to release the conditioning of inherited cultural beliefs is essential to adult life. It is the journey of flowing with life's intelligent, self-reflective movement that expands inward/outward, while transforming all that it touches.

A memoir spanning the author's 81 years.

Excerpt from authors forward: "...the changes in lifestyle and every day attitude is difficult for me at times. One would think that it would become easier as time went on to sort of go with the flow, but as I went back in my mind remembering those "old days", they became very clear and I started to realize that my early life formed my attitudes that have not changed very much over the years."

Healing the Land with Tao Cover Image
ISBN: 9781605714196
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Published: ShiresPress - May 23rd, 2018

Healing the Land with Tao: An Overture to North Americans, is the third title in a trilogy of writings that tell very different stories but are woven from the same threads. They belong together but can stand alone. Like New Wasichu, Crossing: Our Story is Just Beginning, and 13 Seeds: Health, Karma and Initiation, Healing the Land with Tao is much more than memoir. Lindorff is a storyteller.

The Way of the Voice of Peace Cover Image
ISBN: 9781605710983
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Published: Shirespress - November 26th, 2013

Spirit delivers a simple message of peace through this story of an ordinary man, whose inspiring personal journey takes him from a place of near despair to incapacitating physical pain to a place of self-acceptance and inner tranquility that does not depend on outer circumstances.