Readers Rewards

Readers' Rewards is a frequent-buyers’ reward plan to thank you for shopping at the Northshire Bookstore.

Membership costs $15 per year and includes members of your household. It is activated on the day you enroll and expires the same day the following year. (Example: opened 6/01/15, expires 6/01/16.) Membership applies to both our stores, Saratoga Springs, NY and Manchester Ctr., VT and on our website

Any books or audio books are credited to your account each time you make a purchase. When your account reaches 10 items, a Rewards Certificate is generated at the register for the average price of the 10 books. (Example: If you buy 10 books which cost $16 each, your Rewards will be for the amount of $16.)


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Who can use my Readers’ Rewards (RRs) account?
A: Each RRs membership is considered a household account. If the customer lives under your roof, they can purchase books with your membership.

What if I buy more than 10 books a year?
A: You get a coupon for every 10 books or audiobooks purchased during the year. Buy 12 books and you get a coupon for the average value of the first ten books. The remaining two go towards your next coupon.

What happens when my RRs membership expires?
A: You do not lose your bookclub credits when your membership expires. You’ll be asked if you would like to renew when you purchase your next book.

What if I don’t live in the area?
A: Your RRs membership works online. When purchasing from, mention your Readers’ Rewards membership in the Notes field. Remember, we offer free shipping on online orders over $50 that are shipped domestically.

Can I combine a RRs membership with a senior or teacher discount?
A: Books purchased with a senior/teacher discount do not count towards your RRs membership rewards.

I am already a member and I know my membership is up for renewal, can I renew it online?
A: You can renew it online.  If you are not sure if your membership is up for renewal, please call us at 800 437 3700 or email us at

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