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New to the pride and bounding with playful energy is the Folkmanis AFRICAN LION CUB puppet. Soulful eyes and big ears highlight a sweet expressive face that comes to life magically with your imagination.

The Folkmanis® Bobcat Kitten puppet is a handful of furry fun. Sweet and soft with brown and tan spotted plush, this wide-eyed critter has movable mouth and legs for multiple ways to play.

  • Length: 10" Long
  • Width: 5" Wide
  • Height: 9" Tall
  • Weight: 3.36 oz.
  • UPC: 638348031587
  • Puppet Type: HAND PUPPET
  • Puppet Birthday: 2020 January
  • Special Features: Movable mouth and all legs.

Equipped for the long haul across the deserts of Arabia, this dromedary stands on gangly legs waiting to carry you to your oasis. With sandy colored plush fur and a workable mouth, this CAMEL PUPPET assures you'll never be thirsty for love!

  • This puppet is Part of the dressed animals collection, a variety of puppets and characters dressed to impress!
  • Beautifully made with wonderful attention to detail
  • Access into head and arms
  • Suitable for children aged 12 months and above
  • 5 x 4 x 10 inches

Ferret fans will love this beautiful slinky and butter-soft FERRET puppet! Slip your hand through the opening in his chest to work his mouth and let him weasel a smile out of you. Additional rear pocket for extra wriggling! Movable mouth, rear end.

The Folkmanis Flying Pig puppet is an extraordinary flight of fancy featuring a plump, plush body, feathery wings and a charming face with wide-open eyes and long lashes. Find multiple pockets for puppetry magic in the mouth, ears, wings and all four trotters, to make this little "pigasus" your very own.

  • Length:20" Long
  • Width:7" Wide
  • Height:15" Tall
  • Weight:12.64 oz.
  • UPC:638348031204
  • Puppet Type: HAND PUPPET
  • Puppet Birthday: 2018 January
  • Special Features: Movable mouth, ears, all legs, and wings

A curious creature from down under, the Folkmanis KOALA puppet is a plump and fluffy cuddle buddy ready to snuggle. Animate head, mouth and forelegs as you imagine climbing trees and eating eucalyptus with your new furry friend.

SKU: 0638348031549

Big cat lovers will be proud to own the new 32" Folkmanis® Lion puppet. Animate the mouth through his luxurious mane to imagine his ferocious roar, then find the magnet closure to fasten the mane to his back for regal posing. With head held high, this king of the jungle is ready to rule his domain.

  • Length: 32" Long
  • Width: 8" Wide
  • Height: 11" Tall
  • Weight: 25.28 oz.
  • UPC: 638348031549
  • Puppet Type: HAND PUPPET
  • Puppet Birthday: 2020 Janurary
  • Special Features: Movable mouth.

Folkmanis Little Puppets are especially sized for children and have the same attention to detail that you have come to expect from Folkmanis products. Burrowing straight to your heart, LITTLE BADGER is a perfect com

Harness the power of the ocean with the Folkmanis® Mini Orca finger puppet.

  • Length: 6" Long
  • Width: 2" Wide
  • Height: 3" Tall
  • Weight: 0.32 oz.
  • UPC: 638348027795
  • Puppet Type: FINGER PUPPET
  • Puppet Birthday: 2020 January

Also known as pillbug or potato bug, the Folkmanis® Mini Roly Poly finger puppet is a fun insect friend with big eyes and exoskeleton plates that move with a curl of your finger.

  • Length: 4.5" Long
  • Width: 2" Wide
  • Height: 1" Tall
  • Weight: 0.48 oz.
  • UPC: 638348027825
  • Puppet Type: FINGER PUPPET
  • Puppet Birthday: 2020 January

We're not croaking around...the Folkmanis® Mini Sitting Frog is fun at your fingertips!

  • Length: 5" Long
  • Width: 1.5" Wide
  • Height: 3" Tall
  • Weight: 0.48 oz.
  • UPC: 638348027801
  • Puppet Type: FINGER PUPPET
  • Puppet Birthday: 2020 January

In spite of his oversized nose, knobby knees and sprawling crown of antlers, the moose still manages to look majestic as he lumbers across subarctic terrain. This Moose puppet, with his soft plush fur and serious expression, promises to be the perfect

Renown for pulling Santa's sleigh, the Folkmanis Reindeer puppet is magical in any season. Outfitted for rugged tundra in northern regions, this cold climate creature will soon warm your heart.

  • Length:16" Long
  • Width:7" Wide
  • Height:10" Tall
  • Weight:7.84 oz.
  • UPC:638348031211
  • Puppet Type: HAND PUPPET
  • Puppet Birthday: 2018 January
  • Special Features: Movable mouth

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