Puppets - Wild Animals

SKU: 0638348030993

It's not easy being green, unless you're a Folkmanis® TOAD puppet. With a textured and warty plush body and wide open eyes, use your imagination to animate forelegs, mouth and even the tongue of this awesome amphibian! Movable mouth, tongue and forelegs.

11" LONG 18" WIDE 6" TALL 6.56 OZ

SKU: 0638348030979

Hibernating imaginations awaken with the Folkmanis® STANDING BEAR puppet. Tall and alert with expressive eyes and a movable mouth for chewing or chitchat, this big bear is hungry for hugs! Movable mouth.

25" LONG 12" WIDE 25" TALL 20.96 OZ

Realistically rendered in creamy white and rich black-brown fur, with soft plastic claws on weighted paws, this Panda puppet is a gentle tribute to its swiftly disappearing wild counterpart. Hand enters from chest area to work the mouth and front legs.

Puppet Dimensions 15" LONG 6" WIDE 7" TALL 11.68 OZ

SKU: 0638348030726

Mysterious and exotic, the Slow Loris is an undeniably adorable creature that is sadly becoming endangered in the wild. With large, soulful eyes and a shy nature, these nocturnal members of the primate family are found in South and Southeast Asia. The Folkmanis® Slow Loris puppet is a perfect partner for conservation education. Animate the mouth, arms and hands to tell the story of these extraordinary, vulnerable creatures.

15" LONG 12" WIDE 15" TALL 7.84 OZ

SKU: 0638348028761

This sly little trickster has been featured in folklore from Europe, North America and Japan. In a standing position with foxy good looks, this vulpine charmer will brighten your day! RED FOX puppet measures 20 inches long.

20" LONG 5" WIDE 11" TALL 8.64 OZ

SKU: 0638348023780

Special plush gives this Porcupine puppet the appearance of having quills, but never fear! While she may poke about, she won't poke you! Hand enters from chest area to animate the front legs and head.

Puppet Dimensions 13" LONG 5" WIDE 7" TALL 4 OZ

SKU: 0638348022059

In spite of his oversized nose, knobby knees and sprawling crown of antlers, the moose still manages to look majestic as he lumbers across subarctic terrain. This Moose puppet, with his soft plush fur and serious expression, promises to be the perfect answer to a little northern exposure. Hand enters from underneath.

Puppet Dimensions 20" LONG 6" WIDE 13" TALL 18.72 OZ

SKU: 0638348027658

The Folkmanis® Mini Opossum finger puppet is the perfect size for on-the-go fun. Fool your friends with this cute, little critter.

8" LONG 3" WIDE 2" TALL 0.64 OZ

SKU: 0638348031020

Folkmanis® Little Puppets are especially sized for children and have the same attention to detail that you have come to expect from Folkmanis® products. Burrowing straight to your heart, LITTLE BADGER is a perfect companion for story time or adventurous outdoor exploration. Movable mouth and forelegs.

8" LONG 4" WIDE 8" TALL 2.24 OZ

SKU: 0638348030573

A curious creature from down under, the Folkmanis® KOALA puppet is a plump and fluffy cuddle buddy ready to snuggle. Animate head, mouth and forelegs as you imagine climbing trees and eating eucalyptus with your new furry friend.

10" LONG 9" WIDE 16" TALL 8.48 OZ

SKU: 0638348022585

This beautiful green Iguana puppet makes a perfect pet for lizard lovers. Versatile and realistic, you can animate his forked tongue, jaws and front feet. His soft, scaly textured body is fun to touch and will never shed!

Puppet Dimensions 32" LONG 5" WIDE 7" TALL 6.24 OZ

In a quirky stance and ready to play, the FRILLED LIZARD puppet is full of surprises. With multiple variations of movement in his mouth and forelegs, you can even make his collar frill forward and back with a gentle squeeze of your fingers.

18" LONG 11" WIDE 8" TALL 6.72 OZ

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