Shires Press Publishing Submission Guidelines

Are you ready to self publish? Then by all means, get started! Really - it's not that hard... just remember that it's better to be informed on how to publish a book. So we’ve listed some helpful information to create your book. And, please, if anything is confusing or you need additional assistance, just call us - we'll be more than happy to answer ALL your questions!

Page Material

All book pages must be furnished already set in type. Don’t forget to add page numbers. Please contact our Print On Demand Coordinator if you need assistance in preparing your book pages. Once pages are ready to print, they must be converted into a PDF file. The quality of the printed work is determined by the quality of the finished PDF file. Your pages will print the way they appear in your PDF file. Your proof copy allows you to review your book before printing to ensure that your book prints the way you want.

Preparing Digital Photos

Scan black/white line art at 600 dpi and save as a TIFF file.

Artwork with screens should be scanned in grayscale at 300 dpi and saved as a TIFF or EPS file.

Photos to be printed in black/white should be scanned in grayscale with a minimum of 150 dpi and a maximum of 300 dpi and saved as a JPG, TIFF or EPS file.

Photos to be printed in full color should be scanned at 300 dpi in CMYK mode (not RGB) and saved as a JPG, TIFF or EPS file.

Artwork and photos should be scanned and saved at the size they are used on your pages. DO NOT scale artwork or photos once they have been placed in your document.

DO NOT rotate or flip your artwork or photos in your document. This can cause problems when printing.

Make sure your artwork and photos are inserted and linked to your document before you create your PDF file. Broken links can cause problems when printing.

Pages Printed in Full Color

If your book contains pages that are to be printed in full-color, please make sure we know that. If files are not prepared to the specification above, color may appear different. Home color printers and monitors are not reliable for color accuracy.

Bar Codes

If your back cover requires a bar code, Shires Press can supply one for you at an additional charge. Placement is usually on the bottom right corner of the back cover and must be printed in black on a white background measuring about 2-3/8 x 1-3/8 inches. Make sure this area is at least 5/16 of an inch from the bottom edge of your book and from the spine.

Digital Camera Photo Tips

Three basic factors determine how your digital photos will print:

  • Compression-Compressed photos are NOT suitable for printing. Compression affects image quality and destroys image data.
  • Resolution-This determines the overall quality of your digital photos. We recommend that photos are 300dpi, resulting in a printed photo that does not compromise quality.
  • File Formats-JPG, TIFF and EPS are the only accepted file formats.

Operating Systems

Shires Press can accept files created on Windows and Macintosh operating systems - the file format itself is what is important. Please note that most book page composition and cover design done by Shires Press or its subcontractors will be done on a Windows platform and converted to our Espresso Book Machine or other digital printers for publishing. This means that during conversions fonts may change; your file may be moved from one operating system to another or from one software program to another. This may change how your file looks. It is extremely IMPORTANT that the printed proof sample you receive is checked for accuracy. This gives us a visual reference so that we can make sure the integrity of your original file is preserved during the printing process.


Since we require a PDF file of your document, you do not need to submit your fonts to us. By making a PDF file, you are embedding your fonts in your file. However, please keep in mind that sometimes font substitution may be required. In these cases we will try to find the closest comparable Type 1 font. Fonts may also need to be converted to outlines before making your PDF file.

"Non-standard" True Type fonts (such as Symbol and WingDings) that come preloaded with most Windows systems are not always compatible with our printing system and can cause errors in your files. Therefore, these fonts should be avoided .

Always check all pages in your PDF file to ensure that fonts look accurate.

For more details on how to create your cover click here.

Interior book pages (book blocks)

Interior book pages; includes blanks, front/back matter, etc.

  • Minimum number of pages = about 24
  • Maximum number of pages = about 1,000
  • Trim size dimensions ("W x "H). Click here for available sizes.
  • Trim size works together with cover dimensions; i.e., the more pages you have, the wider the spine of the book will be, therefore the narrower the horizontal trim size measurement needs to be.

How to submit your book blocks as truly print-ready PDF files.

Send us your press ready PDF

A press ready PDF file requires no additional typesetting or alterations. Any files that require manipulation, will incur an additional fee. We prefer submissions via email or FTP, but you may submit on CD, DVD, or flash drive or free file transer services: or and send your book pages and cover/back cover. NOTE: Before submitting your files, carefully proofread all pages. Corrections and changes made after you receive your proof book, will result in additional fees, additional proof charges and delayed production times.