Shires Press Publishing Cover Details

Back + Spine + Front, one landscape-orientation rectangle; wraps around the printed book blocks, then gets trimmed to “trim size”

Before you can create your cover, you must know:
1. The total number of interior book pages in your PDF, including blanks, front- and back matter, etc.

2. What kind of text paper you are using, and that paper’s PPI (pages per inch; has to do with the thickness of that particular paper). Black and white interior books printed on creme paper has a 444ppi. Black and white interior books and standard color interior printed on white paper has a 512ppi. Premium interior color books has a 385ppi.

  • Cover must be centered both vertically & horizontally on an 11" x 17" page with the spine in between the back cover and the cover. (If your book is 8.5x11, please center on a 12"x18" page)
  • Spine width = number of pages ÷ 444 (PPI)
  • No crop/registration marks
  • 1/2" bleed on all sides if you want images or color to print up to the edge of the cover

In order to have room to print on the spine of your book, it needs to be at least 100 pages.

If the color changes from your front cover to the spine, extend your cover design .03125 inches into the spine area. This helps prevent the spine color from showing on the cover.

If the color changes from your spine to your back cover, extend your spine color .03125 inches onto the back cover. This helps prevent the back cover from showing on the spine.

It is recommended that you don’t choose scripts for the spine fonts. ALL CAPS usually look best.

Download cover templates samples: 5.5x8.5 cover 6x9 cover