Shires Press - Common Mistakes

Avoid these common mistakes

  • Do NOT use too many typefaces. Too many styles can make your pages look busy and be difficult to read.
  • Do NOT use script typefaces in all caps. They are most easily read in upper and lower case.
  • Do NOT use typefaces with very fine lines. Sometimes when printed the lines can fill with ink or drop out completely.
  • Do NOT leave widows (single words hanging on one line at the end of a paragraph or page).
  • Do NOT use screened type.
  • Do NOT use images at 72dpi. 300 dots per inch is best for print.
  • Do NOT use copyrighted material without a written signed release from the owner giving permission for the use of the material. Artwork from greeting cards, books, magazines, websites and other sources is copyrighted. Make sure your images are royalty-free.