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National Poetry Month

It’s National Poetry Month!  The used books sections is never one to be left out, so we’ve created a display of used poetry books.  It’s a lovely display.  Some might even call it poetic in and of itself.

If you’re a Roger Housden fan, this is the month for you.  We’ve got copies of Ten Poems to Open Your Heart, Ten Poems to Set You Free, and Ten Poems to Last You a Lifetime. All are $5 hardcovers and, as always, in marvelous shape.

Another interesting find on our shelves is the hot pink book of Break, Blow, Burn: Camille Paglia reads forty-three of the world’s best poems.  Paglia looks at Western classic and modern poetry to bring new insight and appreciation to the works.  $6 is a bargain for a book that will bring such color and liveliness to your shelves.

Don’t think that our poetry is limited to this display.  We’ve got two full shelves packed with other interesting poetry finds, right next to the new copies on the fiction level.  There’s a wide range of poetry from ancient to modern, so we’re bound to have something for everyone.

Pardon our dust

The used book section is getting yet another expansion!  We’ve added a new set of shelves and expanded most of the sections.  This means that many of those books we had upstairs, wasting away and lonely, are now downstairs on the sales floor for all the world to see.  

The cookbook section has been moved to this new set of shelves, which feature better lighting and a more comfortable sitting area, than their previous location.  Sports has been expanded on the other side of the fixture as well.  Other notable expansions include: Religion, women’s studies, hardcover fiction, performing arts, crafts, interior design, architecture, humor, and mind body spirit.


And! We’re not done yet.  We’ll be adding some bigger shelves for the craft and H&H sections to bring you even more used book goodness!!  All of this expansion is because of our loyal used book customers.  You’ve come in, you’ve demanded used books, and we are doing our best to give you used books.  In return, all we ask, is that you keep bringing us your used books.  Bring us up to four, easily-lifted boxes and within a month, you’ll be rewarded with store credit that can be used on anything, including our newly expanded sections.

St. Patrick's Day Celebration!

Happy (early) St. Patrick’s Day! The used book department is excited to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland with our display of used books on Irish arts, culture, and history, with some great Irish novels sprinkled in.

Ireland’s literature is the third oldest in all of Europe, second only to Greek and Latin. It includes a rich folklore, with epic characters of all kinds.  Our selection includes some fantastic titles.  Check out our autographed copy of Frank Delany’s latest novel: Venetia Kelly’s Traveling Show.  No display of Irish authors can be complete without Maeve Binchy and the memoirs of Frank McCourt, so we’ve got many of their titles as well.  

More interested in the culture of Ireland?  We’ve got The Irish Arts Review Yearbook 1995 and a copy of Private Ireland: Irish Living & Irish Style Today by McBride and Howes.

For the spiritually-minded folks, we’ve also got a great collection of Celtic myth and magic books.

Be sure to stop in and get your Irish fix at the Northshire Bookstore before the celebration ends. 


Fresh on the sales floor, some books of interest

The Fire of Liberty edited by Esmond Wright

The Fire of Liberty is a collection of diaries, letters, and personal accounts, many from a British point of view,  made by various participants of the American Revolutionary War. It offers a very different look at the birth of the United States, because it includes observations from both sides of the war.  The book includes both color and black & white images such as maps, paintings, and drawings.

This is a collectors edition, which includes a case.  Both case and book are in excellent condition and are priced at $20. You can purchase this book from us online by clicking on the title above.



The Red Eagle: A Tale for Young Aviators by Alexander Key

While organizing our back stock of used books, Karen found this wonderful copy of The Red Eagle: A Tale for Young Aviators by Alexander Key.  This book features full-color, delightful illustrations by Key and would be a wonderful book for middle readers, or appropriate for a younger audience with a little help.  If you have any underage pilots in your life, you may want to swing by and check out this little gem, tucked away for too long, where it was out of reach of the perfect young aviator.  

This book is in fair condition with a little bit of penciling on some text pages.  We’ve priced it at $10. You can purchase this book from us online by clicking on the title above.





The Life and Times of Used Books

What happens to your used books when they come to the Northshire?  Who looks at them and how do they decide what to take?  This week in the used book blog we’ll be going behind the scenes to follow a box of used books from beginning to end.

A box of books is just arriving, chock full of used book goodness.


The customer is asked to fill out one of our used books forms so that we can put her store credit into our computer system and contact her when we’ve credited her account.

The boxes are taken upstairs to await sorting.  Each box is sorted in the order it is brought to us.

Karen is our used book buyer.  She looks at each book to make sure it is in good condition and is something that will interest our customers. She also decides what section to put it in so that the right customer will see it.  

We have so many used books that they don’t all fit on the sales floor. Sometimes a book will go into backstock to await more space on the sales floor.  We’ve got hundreds of books in backstock, so we always encourage customers to let a bookseller know if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Once there is room for the books on the sales floor a bookseller brings them downstairs and shelves them in their designated section to await an eager customer.


Another happy customer!

What's new in used?

Did you all survive the weekend?  We barely made it through! Our newest expansion The used books shelves got wiped clean, so now is a great time to come in and check out our freshly restocked titles.  We also added shelves upon shelves to cookbooks, nature, science, sports, and history.  We’ve even got a new section of used field guides and more vegetarian cookbooks than we know what to do with.  

Loads of biographies have just come in, along with a set of gardening books from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden covering a wide range of topics.  We’ve also gotten many, many books for the Mind Body Spirit shelves.  

We’re running a little low on Military history, so if you have any books you’ve been considering bringing into us for credit, now is a great time. 

Check back next week for a behind the scenes look at the Northshire Bookstore’s used books!


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