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ParkerParker is a children's bookseller with an overwhelming love of fantasy, queer themes, and illustration. They recently finished their theatre degree and are excited to read something other than plays (though they haven't stopped reading those, either).

The Magic Fish: (A Graphic Novel) by Trung Le Nguyen - Book Review

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The Magic Fish: (A Graphic Novel) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781984851598
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Published: Random House Graphic - October 13th, 2020

Tíên has a crush on his best friend, but he doesn't know how to tell his Vietnamese parents, who don't speak English as well as he does, that he's gay. Through the fairy tales he and his mom read together, they find a way to connect and explore language barriers, grief, and sexuality. One of the most uplifting coming out narratives I've ever seen, with gorgeous illustrations. An absolute must-read for anyone who loves fairy tales, immigration stories, or plain-old adorable characters. ~ Reviewed by Parker Goodreau

Sunshine by Robin McKinley - Book Review

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Sunshine Cover Image
ISBN: 9780142411100
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Published: Speak - April 29th, 2010

Sunshine is just your average baker with a fascination for the Others--werecreatures, demons, vampires, and more--until she's caught up in a supernatural feud. Chained in a ballroom with a kidnapped vampire, hunger and sunlight will soon drive her fellow captive to kill her. Her almost-forgotten magic could help her escape, but can she save the vampire who spared her life as well? Set in a post-apocalyptic alternate universe, this exploration of trauma, connection, and the moral consequences of power is as darkly enchanting as a fairy tale, with the wry humor of Buffy. Worth a read for the descriptions of Sunshine's baked goods alone, though you might want to have something sweet on hand. ~ Reviewed by Parker Goodreau

The Love Song of Ivy K. Harlowe by Hannah Moskowitz - Book Review

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The Love Song of Ivy K. Harlowe Cover Image
ISBN: 9781649370495
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Published: Entangled: Teen - June 1st, 2021

Andie's best friend and crush Ivy is a force of nature who never goes out with the same girl twice--until now. There's just one problem. The girl Ivy finally fell for? Isn't Andie. With a deeply relatable exploration of new love and complex friendships, Andie's outsider perspective pulls the focus back from the main couple to spotlight an imperfect but irresistibly lovable ensemble cast. Sweet, hilarious, occasionally heartbreaking, and intensely queer. ~ Reviewed by Parker Goodreau

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