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Again! Cover Image
By Emily Gravett, Emily Gravett (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781442452312
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers - April 16th, 2013

There's a hole burned in the back of this book, but you have to read to find out why! A little dragon wants his favorite book read again and again and again before bed. His parent, of course, falls asleep before the book has been read enough times. So little dragon, turning red with anger, lets loose...causing a little damage to his favorite book (and yours). Emily Gravett has created a dynamic picture book in which the characters break from the page. Again! is sure to have young readers calling "read it again!" ~ Reviewed by Marika McCoola

Kel Gilligan's Daredevil Stunt Show

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Kel Gilligan's Daredevil Stunt Show Cover Image
By Michael Buckley, Dan Santat (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781419703799
Availability: Hard to Find - May no longer be available
Published: Harry N. Abrams - September 1st, 2012

Young Kel Gilligan is out to show the world that he can overcome terrifying obstacles like trying new foods, using the potty, and -horror of horrors- taking a bath. Kel Gilligan is not afraid of anything! Except, maybe, that monster under the bed... Dan Santat's illustrations capture the astonishment of Kel's family while posing Kel in dynamic superhero poses. A laugh out loud book for anyone who's had to face the obstacles of childhood, Kel Gilligan will have the whole family gearing up for their own daredevil stunts- like waiting very patiently for your turn to read this book! ~ Reviewed by Marika McCoola

Take Me Out to the Yakyu

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Take Me Out to the Yakyu Cover Image
By Aaron Meshon, Aaron Meshon (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781442441774
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Atheneum Books for Young Readers - February 19th, 2013

Baseball is often called the great American pastime, but it's also popular in Japan. In Take Me Out to the Yakyu, Aaron Meshon looks at the similarities and differences between baseball games in the United States and Japan. The games are presented in parallel narratives, the child narrator introducing young readers to a handful of Japanese words as well as making a cultural comparison. Aaron Meshon's illustration style combines the the quirky gouache work of Giselle Potter with (the currently popular) 50s and 60s retro, plus a touch of Japanese cute. For those interested in more information, backmatter includes a glossary and additional facts. As someone who's not a baseball fan, I was amazed at how much I enjoyed this book. Young baseball enthusiasts will gobble it up. ~ Reviewed by Marika McCoola

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox: The Great Pancake Adventure

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Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox: The Great Pancake Adventure Cover Image
ISBN: 9781419704208
Availability: Hard to Find - May no longer be available
Published: Abrams Books for Young Readers - October 1st, 2012

Matt Luckhurst uses a vibrant palette for his tall-tale inspired tale. Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox are very big and require lots of food- more than Paul's mother can cook! Together, they head out west, doing all sorts of jobs in exchange for food- specifically pancakes. Playful typography highlights important words and phrases while fun patterns bring movement to every page. With humor, bright colors, and lots and lots of pancakes, everything about this book is exuberant! ~ Reviewed by Marika McCoola

Who Could That Be at This Hour?

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By Lemony Snicket, Seth (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780316335478
Availability: Click Title for IN STOCK Location
Published: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers - June 17th, 2014

Snicket's eccentric characters, gloomy settings, and twisted plots are back full-force in All the Wrong Questions: "Who Could That Be at This Hour?" The thirteen-year-old Lemony Snicket is already suspicious, worried, and over his head in secrets. Snicket is apprenticed to S. Theodora Markson (asking what the S stands for is a Wrong Question) who is taking him to Stain'd-by-the-Sea, an inconsequential speck on the map, and a thoroughly strange place with lots of its' own secrets. Markson and Snicket are there to do one thing: retrieve and return a statue of the (rather frightening) Bombinating Beast to its rightful owner. But nothing is as simple as it seems, especially when you can't trust anyone. Luckily, book titles can be exchanged for cab rides and there's still one reporter (underage though she may be) trying to dig up the truth. Lemony Snicket knows much more than he's telling and he weaves a complex mystery that ultimately brings up more questions than it answers. ~ Reviewed by Marika McCoola

The Secret of the Stone Frog

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The Secret of the Stone Frog: A Toon Graphic (Toon Books) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781935179184
Availability: Hard to Find - May no longer be available
Published: Toon Books - Toon Graphics - September 11th, 2012

Two siblings must find their way out of a magical forest by following a trail of stone frogs. Though reminiscent of both Alice in Wonderland and Little Nemo, David Nytra crafts a unique fantasy. Detailed black and white pen and ink drawings invite readers to become lost along with Leah and Alan. David Nytra keeps his text to a minimum and new new readers will be astonished that they can read a book with so many pages. All in all, this is a masterpiece. ~ Reviewed by Marika McCoola


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