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"The things we fear the most are often the things we should fear the least. It's irrational, but it's what makes us human. And if we're able to conquer those fears, then there is nothing we're not capable of." -T.J. Klune, The House in the Cerulean Sea

Tender Is the Flesh by Agustina Bazterrica - Book Review

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Tender Is the Flesh Cover Image
By Agustina Bazterrica, Sarah Moses (Translated by)
ISBN: 9781982150921
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Published: Scribner - August 4th, 2020

A bold and provocative novel about a future where society resorts to cannibalism following a viral outbreak which deems animal meat inconsumable. Bazterrica’s talent as a writer is unmatchable as she twists one of the most unthinkable and reprehensible taboos into something nearly conceivable in this alternate society with eerie parallels to our own. Unflinching in its pursuit, Tender is the Flesh is a layered dystopian story and metaphorical representation of classism and social injustice, while also highlighting the inhumanity of the beef industry and factory farming. Unlike anything I’ve read before, this is a disturbingly gruesome tale for horror fans to sink their teeth into. ~ Reviewed by Madison Gallup

Beautiful World, Where Are You: A Novel by Sally Rooney - Book Review

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Beautiful World, Where Are You: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780374602604
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Published: Farrar, Straus and Giroux - September 7th, 2021

A stunning and evocative exploration of love and friendship in the modern age. In her newest novel, Rooney explores the curious phenomenon where despite the rapidly deteriorating planet we live on, we still manage to carve out moments of happiness and derive meaning from our personal relationships. Through emails sent between our two protagonists, Alice and Elaine, Rooney makes the case that climate change, political turmoil, and global pandemics are not what define us, but rather distract us from what is perhaps the true purpose of our existence- to form meaningful connections, fall in love, and seek out the people who make this disorderly place we call home a truly Beautiful World. ~ Reviewed by Madison Gallup

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara - Book Review

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A Little Life Cover Image
ISBN: 9780804172707
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Published: Anchor - January 26th, 2016

A phenomenally written character study of four college friends, following them throughout their lives. The story centers around Jude, a lawyer with a mysterious past that is slowly unraveled. Jude’s story is heartbreaking and tragic to the highest degree-it is a harrowing and deeply upsetting read. The redemption of A Little Life, however, comes from the stunning portrayal of genuine camaraderie and the importance of meaningful connections in our lives. The brutality of Jude’s story only further exaggerates the value of companionship and love, and highlights the high moments in each characters’ lives. Read with caution because this book will wreck you. ~ Reviewed by Madison Gallup

Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover - Book Review

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Heart Bones Cover Image
ISBN: 9798671981742
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Published: Independently Published - August 24th, 2020

Heart Bones tells the story of Beyah, a 19 year old girl living in poverty with her addict mother, Janean. When Janean dies suddenly from an overdose, Beyah’s world is turned upside down as she decides to stay with her absent father and his new and very wealthy family on a Texas peninsula. Everything Beyah thought she knew about life and love is thrown for a loop once she meets Samson, her new neighbor. On the surface, Beyah and Samson have nothing in common- but everything is not what it seems once they start treading into deeper waters. This is an absolutely addictive novel about healing, self discovery, and finding love where you’d least expect it. ~ Reviewed by Madison Gallup

Conversations with Friends: A Novel by Sally Rooney - Book Review

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Conversations with Friends: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780451499066
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Published: Hogarth - August 7th, 2018

Superficially, Conversations With Friends is about two best friends and ex-lovers, Bobbi and Frances, as they strike up an unconventional relationship with a married couple. In typical Rooney fashion, the major strengths of the story come from the simultaneously intellectual and blisteringly honest inner lives of our protagonists, and the shifting dynamics of power that occur between our four main characters and how these dynamics reflect their relations with each other and with themselves. Rooney’s debut novel is a work of brilliance, with each word intentionally and meaningfully chosen- I would read her grocery list if she published it. This was an incredible read by a phenomenal writer. ~ Reviewed by Madison Gallup


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