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A Wizard of Earthsea

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A Wizard of Earthsea (The Earthsea Cycle #1) By Ursula K. Le Guin Cover Image
ISBN: 9780547722023
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Published: Clarion Books - September 11th, 2012

This series is for children and adults alike. Le Guin creates an amazing fantasy world, that any Harry Potter or Hobbit fan will love. It begins as a story of Ged, a young and powerful wizard, but as the series progresses, the focus shifts to Tenar, a courageous, intelligent, and strong woman. Readers looking for a great female role-model need look no further. ~ Reviewed by Krysta Piccoli

One Hit Cookbook Wonders

Every now and again I'll come across a customer sitting in the cookbook section copying down a recipe from one of our books.  Some may take issue with that, but I've never really seen the harm in it.  Who wants to buy a cookbook for just one recipe anyway?  Oh wait, I would.

I've got tons of cookbooks and \I'm constantly talking myself out of buying more. I don't even use cookbooks for 95% of my cooking, but I love the inspiration.  I'd be lost without baking books, because although I can make a yummy dinner from a seemingly empty fridge, I can't bake to save my life.  The thing about having the whole book, is that if you know one recipe is good, chances are, you'll like most of the others as well.

I've got several cookbooks that I bought, mostly because I love one specific recipe. Vegan Brunch is the biggest offender; I use the Perfect Pancake recipe every week for Pancake Saturdays, a weekly tradition in my home.  After purchasing it, I discovered other fantastic recipes in there like English muffins, cocoa raspberry muffins, and tofu omelets (trust me) , but oh man, those pancakes turn out perfectly every time.  You don't even need any fancy vegan things.  I often substitute water for non-dairy milk and you'd never know the difference. (READ MORE)

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Vegan Brunch: Homestyle Recipes Worth Waking Up For -- From Asparagus Omelets to Pumpkin Pancakes By Isa Chandra Moskowitz Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780738212722
Published: Da Capo Lifelong Books - May 26th, 2009

The Local Book Shelter

The Northshire Bookstore's used book section is like a no-kill shelter for books. Customers can take old, unwanted books, that have become too burdensome to continue caring for, to our store. It's not that these books are totally unloved, otherwise they may have been thrown away without a second thought. Instead, our book-loving customers do the right thing, and bring these books to us so that we may find them new homes.

Growing up with banned books

I was lucky enough to come from a family that didn't really believe in censorship, so my mother was always happy to read any books with me, or discuss them, if I showed an interest. She generally let me decide for myself what was too advanced, or too scary for me (I will also mention that watching The Shining all the way through is a right of passage in my family, where scaring the snot out of your kids is just part of raising them properly). When I was about 7 or 8, and just becoming interested in adult books, my mother read me 1984, which has been banned repeatedly in schools, libraries, and sometimes entire countries.

What better book is there to teach us about the dangers of censorship and the tragedy of losing our autonomy? I still remember being drawn to the cover of her amazing edition from the 70's (I later lost that copy of the book when I accidentally dropped it in a dumpster years later, while taking out the trash. Apparently I couldn't put it down long enough to leave it in our apartment for even this short trip). Although I didn't understand all of it then, it did give me a healthy distrust of authority. My mother has always been proud of this trait in me, though my teachers, managers and landlords less so. I'm not saying I would not have learned this trait without the book, but I am saying that had my mother tried to shelter or censor my life and my reading choices, I would not be the strong-willed, independent person I am today. (READ MORE)


Kitty Crafts by Jen Curry - Book Review

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Kitty Jones Kitty Crafts: Beautifully Designed Projects for a Cat-Friendly Home By Jen Curry Cover Image
ISBN: 9781935548218
Availability: Special Order
Published: One Peace Books - September 18th, 2012

Your cats will never be happier!! 100% of cats owned by bookstores agree. ~ Reviewed by Krysta Piccoli


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