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Lemon By Lawrence Krauser Cover Image
ISBN: 9780970335517
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Published: McSweeney's - May 1st, 2002

I love this book. I am so in love with this book that I miss it when I think of it, but it is not immediately at hand. Which is fitting really, because it's about a man who falls so beautifully and tragically in love with a lemon that he can not comprehend his life without it.

This book was given to me, somewhat by chance. My friend Iggy, having no knowledge of what the story was about, purchased it for me, as a birthday gift, because he liked the publisher. My enthusiasm over the book made him think I was lying to him when he asked if I liked it. I'm mad about it. I almost didn't want to finish it, because that would mean it was over. I took to underlining sentences I especially enjoyed, which is something I don't normally do.

The point is, not only is this a wonderful story, but the writing is just lovely. ~ Reviewed by Krysta Piccoli


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Brilliant: The Evolution of Artificial Light By Jane Brox Cover Image
ISBN: 9780547520346
Availability: IN WAREHOUSE - Usually Ships in 3-7 Business Days
Published: Mariner Books - July 7th, 2011

Brilliant begins with the very first known human-made lamp in the Lascaux Caves and travels all the way to present day with the debate between LEDs and CFLs. The most fascinating part is seeing how advances in lighting and electricity have shaped the culture of man-kind from the start. ~ Reviewed by Krysta Piccoli

Animal Factory

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Animal Factory: The Looming Threat of Industrial Pig, Dairy, and Poultry Farms to Humans and the Environment By David Kirby Cover Image
ISBN: 9780312671747
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Published: St. Martin's Griffin - March 15th, 2011

Finally, a book about factory farms that involves the direct negative impact on people, their communities, and the environment. This book doesn't even begin to discuss the animal welfare issues, and it's still packed with unsettling information about the problems with factory farms. It focuses on the stories of three different people and their battles with the CAFOs that come to their communities. ~ Reviewed by Krysta Piccoli

That's Why We Don't Eat Animals

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That's Why We Don't Eat Animals: A Book About Vegans, Vegetarians, and All Living Things By Ruby Roth, Ruby Roth (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Ruby Roth, Ruby Roth (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781556437854
Availability: Special Order
Published: North Atlantic Books - May 26th, 2009

This book is a great way to tackle that scary question, "What's a vegan?" It's a wonderful book about vegetarianism for kids. It's a very gentle and un-scary way to explain what vegetarianism is and why some people don't eat animals. The illustrations are very sweet, depicting happy animals in natural settings and sad animals in factory farms. I also have to say that, as an adult, I still enjoyed this book for myself and managed to learn a few things from it. ~ Reviewed by Krysta Piccoli

Viva Vegan!: 200 Authentic and Fabulous Recipes for Latin Food Lovers by Terry Hope Romero - Book Review

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Viva Vegan!: 200 Authentic and Fabulous Recipes for Latin Food Lovers By Terry Hope Romero Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780738212739
Published: Da Capo Lifelong Books - April 27th, 2010

Terry Hope Romero can do no wrong! Her recipes are easy and tasty. The ingredients are not hard to find, even in Vermont. I am especially fond of the tacos on page 174. Nom nom nom ~ Reviewed by Krysta Piccoli


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Gaviotas: A Village to Reinvent the World, 2nd Edition By Alan Weisman Cover Image
ISBN: 9781603580564
Availability: Backordered
Published: Chelsea Green Publishing Company - September 1st, 2008

An environmental book full of hope! Gaviotas tells the story of the Utopian village created in Columbia that defied all the rules. They set out to prove that people living lightly could thrive, even in an impossible environment. In many ways their little village is more advanced than any major city in the world and it is certainly more sustainable. ~ Reviewed by Krysta Piccoli


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