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Exit West by Mohsin Hamid - Book Review

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Exit West: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780735212176
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Published: Riverhead Books - March 7th, 2017

A little like Salman Rushdie's stories of outsiders and magical realism, Exit West is the story of a couple who suddenly become refugees, passing through a door in what may be Syria to a door in a house in the UK. What they experience there, and where they go next, both mirrors the real experiences of refugees today and projects what their future might be. ~ Reviewed by Katelynne Shimkus

How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran - Book Review

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How to Be a Woman Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780062564740
Published: Harper Perennial - October 11th, 2016

Included: a fail-proof pro-feminist argument, enough laughs to be a core workout, and a guarantee that by the end you'll know (mostly) how to be a woman. ~ Reviewed by Katelynne Shimkus

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson - Book Review

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Nimona Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062278227
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Published: Quill Tree Books - May 12th, 2015

I started reading this book when it was still an online comic, and I waited impatiently for entire weeks just to read the next page!! Noelle Stevenson is a brilliant artist and storywriter, creating a many-layered story that gives something different to each person on each reading.
Nimona has everything: a great girl superhero, an amputee protagonist, humor and silliness for kids, darkness for bigger kids, magic, science, dragons, sharks, rhinos, cute kitties, mystery, rebellion - Nimona is my hero and I never get tired of this book, and neither will you. ~ Reviewed by Katelynne Shimkus

Sex From Scratch by Sarah Mirk - Book Review

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Sex from Scratch: Making Your Own Relationship Rules (Real World) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781934620137
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Published: Microcosm Publishing - November 29th, 2014

I sought this book out after hearing the author interviewed on The Nerdette podcast. Normally, I have a dismissive opinion of self-help books, but Sarah Mirk's methodology caught my interest: she sent out a call for people in non-traditional relationships, the kind that aren't covered in your standard dating-advice column, and asked for what they learned after navigating utterly uncharted waters.
The results came from people in homosexual relationships, open relationships, couples deciding not to have children, single parents, heterosexual relationships with a man with breast implants; from men, women, transgenders, feminists, transsexuals, the elderly...from anyone who has ever had to experience love without a map.
Told in alternating chapters of contributor's essays and short bits of accumulated advice, this is a book full of useful thoughts on the nature of relationships. Whether you're highly unorthodox or in the most vanilla marriage of all time, there's something in this book for everyone to learn. ~ Reviewed by Katelynne Shimkus

Dune by Frank Herbert - Book Review

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Dune Cover Image
ISBN: 9780441172719
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Published: Ace - September 1st, 1990

With its exploration of man's potential to save or destroy the environment (or be saved or destroyed by it), the intermingling of relgion, and the constant danger of holy wars, this 1965 sci-fi classic only becomes more relevant with time... ~ Reviewed by Katelynne Shimkus


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