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Jonathan Fine - Receiving/Shipping Dept Manager in Manchester

Jon is the receiving manager and unofficial wellness director at Northshire and has worked here since 1998. He loves all things guitar- and listens mostly to blues, classic and selected contemporary rock, and most of all, music that defies genre- most especially The Derek Trucks Band. He loves the Maine coast and most frequently finds himself reading sports non-fiction, music memoirs and selected contemporary lit fiction. Personal gods include guitarist Derek Trucks and writer Ann Patchett.

Jimmy Page: The Anthology by Jimmy Page - Book Review

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Jimmy Page: The Anthology Cover Image
ISBN: 9781905662616
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Published: Genesis Publications - October 20th, 2020

This is a hefty work that may require a team lift to even get onto your lap. But that is no small coincidence given what is contained within. This is not just a juicy compilation of Zeppelin/Page memorabilia; one does not have to be a fan of the group or artist to fully appreciate the depth of what is offered here. The photos of Page's extensive personal collection of memorabilia along with his accompanying notes are a true insider's guide to a significant slice of Rock and Roll history. ~ Reviewed by Jon Fine

The Road to San Donato: Fathers, Sons, and Cycling Across Italy by Robert Cocuzzo - Book Review

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The Road to San Donato: Fathers, Sons, and Cycling Across Italy Cover Image
ISBN: 9781680512441
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Published: Mountaineers Books - September 1st, 2019

This one took me off guard in the best way possible. What starts off as an enjoyable ramble about a Boston area father and son mountain bike trek through the hills of Tuscany to the town of their patriarchal homeland becomes so much more upon their arrival in San Donato. It is not just the reader's growing emotional stake in the lives of the two main protagonists (narrator and father), but the history of that small town and its role in protecting the lives of Jews during WWII is both remarkable and truly touching. And if that doesn't put the tear in your eye, Cocuzzo's artful, auto-biographical tale of family, heredity and father and son, multi-generational bonds will do it for sure. Highly recommended. ~ Reviewed by Jon Fine

Devolution: A Firsthand Account of the Rainier Sasquatch Massacre by Max Brooks - Book Review

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Devolution: A Firsthand Account of the Rainier Sasquatch Massacre Cover Image
ISBN: 9781984826787
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Published: Del Rey - June 16th, 2020

If it matters: this was my first foray into the "Horror" genre. (That's the dept we file it in.) And to be sure, there was, ultimately, quite some gruesome passages in here. Overall, though, I was impressed with the scientific reality brought to bear by Brooks on this unprecedented display of Big Foot aggression chronicled in 1st hand journal form. Very astutely, he brings existing knowledge and observations from the fields of zoology and, most specifically, primatology into sharp focus in analyzing this post-volcanic Big Foot ape attack on the ultra-eco conscious mountain community of Green Loop.
Did you think that big hairy ape was our friend? Think again. And if you do come across a Sasquatch in the woods and must take a video, do it while running for your life; please, I beg of you. The image will have a lot of blur and vibration to it, but we're all used to that. Just run. ~ Reviewed by Jon Fine

Stone Free: Jimi Hendrix in London, September 1966-June 1967 by Jas Obrecht - Book Review

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Stone Free: Jimi Hendrix in London, September 1966-June 1967 Cover Image
ISBN: 9781469647067
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Published: University of North Carolina Press - November 12th, 2018

In the midst of the pandemic, I've heard that people have been turning to “the classics” for solace. So it was for me that when this book came across my desk, it was obvious that a book about one of the all time classics was just what I needed . I have read several works on Hendrix but Jas Obrecht's approach is perhaps the most astute. Focusing on Jimi's nine month launch into superstardom in London from '66 to '67 shines a light on one of the most remarkable periods in rock history, when a 23 year old Hendrix went from unknown fledgling with a handful of supportive friends to writing the mind-numbing array of material- while in London- for his debut album that would turn the rock/guitar/social order on its head. These were Jimi's true “supernovic” moments and his unique soul and creative genius as well as the horrible racism encountered are all brought to life here vividly. ~ Reviewed by Jon Fine

Sharks in the Time of Saviors: A Novel by Kawai Strong Washburn - Book Review

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Sharks in the Time of Saviors: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780374272081
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Published: MCD - March 3rd, 2020

More than an ode to the culture, geography, botany and lore of the Hawiian people and islands (although it does very much achieve that, so eloquently and beautifully), Washburn's novel is a microcosmic look at what it is to be an economically deprived family in a steam-rollered minority culture. All three of the Flores children struggle to find their place in the world, in and beyond the islands; older brother Dean and younger sister Kaui are more specifically taxed with finding their own way to distinguish themselves from middle child, Nainoa, the chosen one, the healer, the gifted one, the cursed.
There is both magic and suffering here, just as there are on the islands of Hawaii. ~ Reviewed by Jon Fine


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