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The Need by Helen Phillips - Book Review

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The Need Cover Image
ISBN: 9781982113162
Availability: Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order Now
Published: Simon & Schuster - July 9th, 2019

It is only the first week of March and I firmly believe I will be hard-pressed to pick up a book in 2019 I love more than I love The Need. A genre-bending novel exploring motherhood and identity, Molly is the most authentic character I've had the pleasure of reading in quite some time, accompanied by baby Ben and lively Viv, who is herself a masterpiece, the most fully realized fictional four-year-old ever. A fever dream, a psychological thriller, a cosmic twist of fate unveiling a parallel world? Phillips leaves her readers to wonder while highlighting the dualities of domestic life. Phillips' gorgeous prose set to task showing that the mundane is often just that, but sometimes it is sacred. A deeply immersive human story. ~ Reviewed by Hanna Yost

The Parting Glass by Gina Marie Guadagnino - Book Review

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The Parting Glass Cover Image
ISBN: 9781501198410
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Published: Atria Books - March 5th, 2019

A magnificent debut exploring passion, obsession, and the social unrest in a turbulent period of American and Irish history. There are no frills in this novel of lady's maids and high society, where Guadagnino instead has chosen to expose the whalebone beneath in all its discomforts. The sibling rivalry, unrequited love, and the young gay female point of view from which the story is told all make this a remarkable work. Guadagnino has written a compelling story with nuanced characters against a well-researched historical backdrop. I look forward to more from her. ~ Reviewed by Hanna Yost

Mouthful of Birds: Stories by Samanta Schweblin - Book Review

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Mouthful of Birds: Stories Cover Image
ISBN: 9780399184628
Availability: Click Title for IN STOCK Location
Published: Riverhead Books - January 8th, 2019

A stunning collection featuring characters in circumstances forcing them to either question their reality or desperately seek an escape. Schweblin glimpses into our inexpressible fears, desires and carnage which simmer just under the surface of our everyday lives. It is stories like these, which interrogate the human psyche through an uncanny lens, with a deep reverberating tension throughout, that I enjoy most. They offer no definitive answers, and often peak to an unfathomable climax, which instead of releasing the reader from the tension created throughout the story, leaves its reader further unnerved. Fantastic. ~ Reviewed by Hanna Yost

The Escape Room: A Novel by Megan Goldin - Book Review

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The Escape Room: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250219657
Availability: Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order Now
Published: St. Martin's Press - July 30th, 2019

An absolutely addictive read. Welcome to the world of Wall Street finance where everything is think big, get rich, die trying. Ambitions are high, stakes are higher, and tensions are mounting as four coworkers all attend an obligatory escape room challenge. They think it's meant to be a team building exercise, but what happens when they find they're really trapped, and why does one of them have a gun? This story unravels like a perfect mystery and thriller combo to its readers. ~ Reviewed by Hanna Yost

Justine, or the Misfortunes of Virtue by The Marquis De Sade - Book Review

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Justine, or the Misfortunes of Virtue (Oxford World's Classics) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780199572847
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Published: Oxford University Press (UK) - January 20th, 2013

Most often dismissed as a sexual delinquent intent on penning his own debauched fantasies, Justine as a work should not be dismissed so easily. All at once a historical document chronicling the era of Revolutionary France, a political piece critiquing the times, and a manifesto for atheism- so too is it a novel on depravity and libertinism. Still controversial today, there is no denying Sade made his mark in history, the term "sadism" stemming from his very name. One moment the work evokes arousal and the next it repulses. Just as we are horrified and captivated by Justine, so too do we manage to be both offended and fascinated by our own pleasures. This parallel has been glazed over with the term "erotica" so many times people forget they aren't half as offended by Sade as the feelings his writing is able to evoke in them, and the subsequent shame. ~ Reviewed by Hanna Yost


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