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Dafydd Wood - Events and Community Outreach Coordinator in Manchester

Dafydd, a Vermont-transplant from Louisiana by way of Austin, is the events manager for Northshire's Manchester location. He has happily found a new use for his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (on international interdisciplinary modernism). His tastes run arch and snooty from early 20th century culture generally to contemporary avant garde classical music, from Ethiopian Jazz and Afrobeat to historical materialism, art criticism, and poetics. He likes to read modernism (not so much the post-), history, travel literature, classics, poetry, fiction, drama, nonfiction, and essays. He also likes his wife (a midwife), his kids (two of whom are picture here), cooking, beer, B-movies, art, and nature.

The Hearing Trumpet by Leonora Carrington - Book Review

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The Hearing Trumpet Cover Image
By Leonora Carrington, Helen Byatt (Introduction by)
ISBN: 9781878972194
Availability: Special Order
Published: Exact Change - February 2nd, 2004

Another insane fiction from the feminist Surrealist finally back in print. A 90-year-old bearded lady receives a hearing trumpet from her friend and discovers that her family is planning to institutionalize her. There are sinister winking abbesses, fiendish doctors, many cats, wolves, deadly carrots, autophagy, mysticism(s), lilac limousines and moustaches, and the end of the world. ~ Reviewed by Dafydd Wood

The Children's Crusade by Marcel Schwob - Book Review

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The Children's Crusade Cover Image
By Marcel Schwob, Jorge Luis Borges (Foreword by), Kit Schluter (Translator)
ISBN: 9781939663351
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Published: Wakefield Press - March 27th, 2018

The once-famous late 19th Century French writer influenced Borges, Rilke, Apollinaire, Bolaño, and others. This short novella retells the tragic true history of the medieval children’s crusade when thousands of European children quixotically set out for Jerusalem only to be sold into slavery by pirates. Schwob uses eight different voices to narrate the cruel history with modernistic shifting perspectives. ~ Reviewed by Dafydd Wood

Negrophobia: An Urban Parable by Darius James - Book Review

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Negrophobia: An Urban Parable Cover Image
By Darius James, Amy Abugo Ongiri (Introduction by)
ISBN: 9781681373294
Availability: Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order Now
Published: NYRB Classics - February 19th, 2019

This feverish nightmare of racism is finally back in print after 25 years. Wickedly hilarious, raunchy, vile, and terrifying, Negrophobia is written as a screenplay whose racist protagonist Bubbles Brazil descends into a hallucinatory drug- and voodoo-induced phantasmagoria of black stereotypes. In just one sequence, Nazi-outfitted Disney characters celebrate the Last Supper with a plasticine Jesus as a skyscraper-sized African-American nose devised by the Zombie Master (and his trusted sidekicks Zombie Elvis and JFK’s head on spider legs) destroys the festivities! ~ Reviewed by Dafydd Wood

Women Talking by Miriam Toews - Book Review

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Women Talking Cover Image
ISBN: 9781635572582
Availability: Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order Now
Published: Bloomsbury Publishing - April 2nd, 2019

A deeply moving, devastating novel based on real events in a colony of Mennonites. All of the women and girls have been systematically drugged and raped at night for years by their brothers and fathers (though it had been blamed on demons). The novel is written as the minutes of their meetings, transcribed by a male schoolteacher and outcast in their community (since the women are kept illiterate). They meet to democratically decide whether they will stay and do nothing, take revenge, or leave into the larger world of which they know nothing. A painful document of the most powerless women seizing their own agency. ~ Reviewed by Dafydd Wood

Collected Stories by Bruno Schulz - Book Review

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Collected Stories Cover Image
By Bruno Schulz, Rivka Galchen (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9780810136601
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Published: Northwestern University Press - March 15th, 2018

Schulz was first brought to American attention by Philip Roth. A magnificent quasi-surreal, quasi-magical realist Polish-Jewish short story writer killed by the Gestapo. The language is gorgeous, and the stories are enchanting and strange—the narrator’s enigmatic and eccentric father is at the very heart. This volume collects all of his extant prose. Kafka with tenderness and poetic language! ~ Reviewed by Dafydd Wood


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