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The Blackwater Lightship

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The Blackwater Lightship: A Novel By Colm Toibin Cover Image
ISBN: 9780743203319
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Published: Scribner - June 5th, 2001

Shortlisted for the 1999 Booker Prize. Beautiful, lyrical Irish writing about how a family and friends rally around a young man dying of AIDS. We learn the histories, resentments and secrets of the mother, grandmother and sister of the dying man, as well as his two best friends who have come to take care of him in his dying days. This is a beautiful story that resonates with love and spiritual searching. ~ Reviewed by Barbara Morrow

The Secret of the Bulls

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The Secret of the Bulls By Jose Raul Bernardo Cover Image
ISBN: 9780684831374
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Published: Simon & Schuster - March 13th, 1997

A richly told story set in Cuba depicting characters very much in the Latin mold. Lustful and passionate. ~ Reviewed by Barbara Morrow

Bee Season

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Bee Season: A Novel By Myla Goldberg Cover Image
ISBN: 9780385498807
Availability: Special Order
Published: Anchor - May 15th, 2001

Bee Season by Myra Goldberg is the most original, deeply intelligent novel I've read in a long time. It revolves around a highly neurotic but gifted family, all of whose characters are wonderfully crafted and formed by this amazing writer. We suffer the anguish of nine-year-old Eliza who unexpectedly is immersed in studying for the national spelling bee and jockeying for her place in the family, and the throes of her adolescent brother Aaron, who rebels and embarks on a spiritual quest that is destined to challenge the Jewish mysticism of his father that had never heretofore been questioned. Their mother Miriam is an emotionally vacant, brilliant lawyer who clearly is incapable of nurturing her children, and has a secret life that both repels and invites sympathy because of its human despair. And there is Saul, devoted but also blind to his children and their chaotic reality. This family is one that won't soon be forgotten in the annals of contemporary fiction; their intricate story is spellbinding and heartrending. ~ Reviewed by Barbara Morrow

Command Performance

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Command Performance: An Actress In The Theater Of Politics By Jane Alexander Cover Image
ISBN: 9780306810442
Availability: IN WAREHOUSE - Usually Ships in 3-7 Business Days
Published: Da Capo Press - May 10th, 2001

Jane Alexander is a renowned stage and film actress who always cared passionately about the role of the arts in America. When President Clinton appointed her head of the National Endowment for the Arts, she became tireless in pressing for national funding and support of the arts in the Republican Gingrich-ruled Congress of the early 1990's. In her new memoir, Command Performance, she offers a personal account as well as a keen historical and political perspective of how our government is controlled and manipulated by the powers that be. Appalling ignorance and exceptional dedication are portrayed in equal measures, as she dissects the labyrinths of governmental action and inaction. I came away feeling great admiration for this dedicated artist, as well as gaining greater understanding of our political systems. This is an eye-opening account. ~ Reviewed by Barbara Morrow

A Good House

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A Good House: A Novel By Bonnie Burnard Cover Image
ISBN: 9780312420321
Availability: IN WAREHOUSE - Usually Ships in 3-7 Business Days
Published: Picador - October 5th, 2001

I loved this book, and looked forward to getting reinvolved with the characters each night. This is a book where nothing really happens out of the ordinary - but the ordinary is extraordinary because of the skill of the storyteller." Lesley Kleiser, Montgomery Book Co., Cincinnati, OH "I curled up with A Good House and came away with a feeling of awe. This beautiful story is told with an all-embracing empathy for its characters. ~ Reviewed by Barbara Morrow


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Falconer (Vintage International) By John Cheever Cover Image
ISBN: 9780679737865
Availability: Special Order
Published: Vintage - January 15th, 1992

A small gem--he made me think of Elizabeth Berg. There is a finely nuanced grasp of feelings, desires, and emotions. A mythological quality of the lore and practice of falconry coupled with an ultimately tragic love affair. ~ Reviewed by Barbara Morrow


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