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Northshire Selects - A Book A Month

Northshire Selects - A Record a Month

Customized Gift Giving For Children & Adults

We have two options with our Selects program, A Book A Month, or A Record A Month.  You let us know how long you would like us to send them out to the recipient, 6 months, a year, or even ongoing.  Let us do the shopping & shipping for you! 

Northshire Selects - A Book a Month

Each month Northshire Bookstore’s award-winning booksellers will select the perfect book based on the information you provide about the recipient’s reading habits, favorite authors, genre, hobbies and interests. You can even provide some dislikes, so we know what to avoid. We will wrap the first book and include a card welcoming the recipient to the program.

“I can say with absolute sincerity, of all the gifts I’ve ever received, Northshire Selects is my favorite. I look forward to my book arriving each month with the enthusiasm of a child and have been introduced to authors and genres that I now love. Thank you for the creativity of the selection process and the beautiful gift wrapping.”
Bette Katzman, North Carolina

Northshire Selects - A Record A Month

Each month we select the perfect album based on the information you provide about the recipient’s favorite musicians, bands, and genre.  You can even provide some dislikes, so we know what to avoid.  Then we send it, beautifully wrapped, to your friend, loved one, or even yourself!

“My son loved this. Chris picked out 6 months worth of LPs and they were, of course, perfect,
and 6 months worth of gifting.”--Nancy Scheemaker at our Saratoga Springs Bookstore


Print a card for the recipient: A Book A Month or A Record A Month

How does it work?

  • Click on Sign Up Now and fill out the information.
  • Give us the details about what the recipient likes, or even dislikes.
  • Purchase the subscription. 
  • Your credit card will be charged $0.01 to capture the cc number in our system.
  • We will charge you monthly for the book/record picked plus $3.99 S&H (in USA).
  • Books/Records shipped out of the USA will incur higher shipping charges (TBD).

We'll keep track of the book/record being sent to avoid duplication. If your recipient would like to return a book/record, you can bring it into the store or mail it back for an exchange or store credit.

Questions or Feedback:  Please contact Sarah Donner at