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The North Woods Fly fishing Guide was designed to educate the novice as well as experienced fly fisher in identifying the aquatic life of our ponds and streams that they try to mimic. Our guide features seventeen of the most common fly patterns and the aquatic insects they represent printed in full color. The reverse of each tag contains information on the freshwater insects life cycle, habitat and hatches.

With the North Woods Fly fishing Guide you will learn differences between a Mayfly adult and Mayfly Dun. Where a stonefly completes it's emergence from a nymph to an adult. What the differences are between a Damselfly and Dragonfly. What Caddisfly pattern matches a Caddisfly Pupa and much more!

Fly fishing is a complex sport combining the art of the tied fly to the natural progression of an insects life cycle.

Take a little of the mystery out of fly fishing and learn more with your North Woods Fly fishing Guide today!!

The North Woods Garden Insect Guide features 17 of the most common garden pests that thrive on the hard work you put into your vegetables each year. Wouldn't you like to be able to identify them and learn environmentally friendly ways to discourage and eradicate them from your plantings??/p>

We have a full color, lightweight, weatherproof, dirt proof field guide just for you !!

Our garden insect guide will give you some home remedies for deterring certain insects, the easiest way to find Hornworms on your tomato plants, which plants are good for mixing in with your vegetables to ward of nasty pests and more.

This is the perfect gift for the gardener in your life
Were sure they will thank you with tons of produce!!

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