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ISBN: 9780767930581
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Published: Anchor - June 14th, 2011

As with one of her previous novels, The Dogs of Babel, I came to this book with trepidation. Now I know that I must learn to trust Carolyn Parkhurst's talent as a storyteller. What appears to be a gimmicky and contrived novel is, in reality, a compelling read about a successful novelist, Octavia Frost. Ms. Frost's latest effort is a novel that that revises all of her previous novels, and it is excerpted throughout the book as an integral and illuminating element of the story the Parkhurst tells. While delivering the manuscript to her publisher, Octavia discovers that her estranged son has been arrested for murder. Carolyn Parkhurst is fearless, taking chances that other writers would not, and succeeding through sheer audacity and the power of her words. ~ Reviewed by Erik Barnum