Mints from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

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All this time I held my breath...

Heaven forfend!

Freshen your breath with Edgar Allan Poe’s TELL-TALE MINTS.

Enliven your senses – won’t you?

blue peppermints

Whether you're changing into your suit or your cardigan - whether you're coming home or going out into the neighborhood - you'll have more confidence with pepperminty fresh breath!

Won't you have one or two Mister Rogers' Encouragemints!?

Won't you, please? Please, won't you, please?

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Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! All persons desiring breath that is Honorable are admonished to draw near and give their attention, for these mints are Supreme! Keep one under your robe. Keep a spare in your chambers. peppermint

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Tired of putting up with things that are bitter and tasteless? It’s time to make life palatable again!

Let these delicious mints improve your mood with the sweet-and-spicy flavor of cinnamon habanero! Slip a few Trumpzilla Mints to your shouty uncle to wake him up. Share a couple with your crabby next-door neighbor and smile – after all, don’t they deserve a little kick? Give these peppery-pink little wonders to everyone you meet and they’ll all agree on one thing: Trumpzilla Mints are quite agreeable!

(Did you know the world’s #1 producer of habaneros is the Yucatán Peninsula... Mexico? Yeah, just keep that to yourself.)

Cinnamon habanero