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The Tea Stick is an elegant and eminently functional tea infuser. A little more aesthetically pleasing than those metal tea balls on a chain, it has four slender slits on the side that allow water to seep in. The clever design works whether you're brewing two inches of tea or a whole cup. Why drink tea from a tea bag when you can use this handy infuser to enjoy the more pronounced taste and nuances of full leaf tea?


Invite this delightfully pointy pal to tea time! Fill CUTE-TEA hedgehog with your favorite loose tea leaves, and hang its little paws on the edge of your mug. Enjoy the smiles while your tea brews. Made from pure, food-safe silicone.

These tea holders are based on an old chinese story of Jiang Taigong. He uses a straight fishhook because he believed that the fish will come to him when they were ready to be caught. Now he can patiently hold your tea bag while it steeps. The Winner of the China Design Challenge.

Use this mesh tea infuser to brew your favorite loose leaf teas. Made from stainless steel and beech wood, this strainer will prevent leaves from entering your drink. Hand-wash only.

Designed to make infusing full-leaf tea easier and cleaner than ever. Just detach the infuser from the Camellia-themed magnetic stem. Load the infuser with tea and drop in your brewing container. Easy-load, micro-perforated infuser allows maximum infusion. When the tea is perfectly infused, collect the infuser using the magnetic stem. It's no-mess tea infusion in its prettiest form. Dishwasher safe. Do not microwave.
  • The silicone construction of the magnetic stem makes for a unique accessory that is easy to grip, easy to use, and easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe
  • BPA-Free

Modern glass bottle with infuser and secure bamboo lid, make your tea and drink it too.

Ora Tea Cups are double walled glass.

Honey is a great way to add sweetness to your cup of tea. Celebrate the insects responsible for producing honey with the Honey Bee Tea Box by LANG! Built with premium solid construction containing three compartments and wrapped in artwork by Chad Barrett, this tea box is a great way to organize your tea bags!
  • Box Dimensions: 9”w x 3 ¾”h x 5 ¼”d
  • Three individual, compartments with removable dividers and a clear lid
  • Holds 60 standard size tea bags

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