Interventions - three quick questions for author Richard Russo.

In what many perceive as a coldly relentless digital age, Pulitzer-prize winning author, Richard Russo has teamed up with his daughter, artist Kate Russo, to create Interventions, their tribute to the printed book. Don't miss the event - Friday, June 22 at 7 PM!

Northshire: You must go to jail – you can take one book with you – which one?

RR: Well, if you're doing time you'd want a long book, something that's overly optimistic about justice being done (because of course I'd be innocent).  Bleak House, I guess.  I could think of myself as one of the wronged plaintiffs in Jarndyce vs. Jarndyce.

Northshire: Do you have a literary hero/heroine?

RR: Well, after he wrote a profanity laced diatribe against the super rich in The Daily Beast, I wrote Stephen King an email saying exactly that, that he was my hero.  Add to that his and Tabitha's enormous generosity, almost most all of it completely under the radar, I guess I'll reiterate that opinion here.

Northshire: Did you have a favorite book as a child?

RR: Kate and I may actually have the same book in mind here.  I can remember being sick as a kid and wanting to be left alone in my room with A Child's Garden of Verses.  I'd stare and stare at the illustration for a poem called "The Land of Counterpane," where a little boy has set up on his comforter an entire legion of toy soldiers.  You can tell by the expression on his face that he's completely entered the magical world of the imagination.