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An Instruction Manual for Clear Communication

The most well-known Buddhist teachers on the planet all have something in common: they are excellent communicators. This is not by accident, as the Buddha taught what are called the four elements of right speech over 2,600 years ago. In this one-of-a-kind book, certified meditation and mindfulness instructor Cynthia Kane has taken the four elements of right speech and developed them into a modern practice based on mindful listening, mindful speech, and mindful silence. Beginning with an illuminating self-test to assess your current communication style, this book will take you through the author's own five-step practice that is designed to help you: listen to yourself (your internal and external words), listen to others speak consciously, concisely, and clearly. regard silence as a part of speech, meditate to enhance your communication skills, have trouble stating how you feel, or long to have more meaningful and genuine conversations, this book can help. The simple steps outlined in this book will have a huge effect on how you communicate with others and yourself. Communication is essential to being human, and when you become better at it, your personal truth becomes clearer, your relationships improve, and the result is that you experience more peace and harmony in your life.

About the Author

Cynthia Kane received her BA from Bard College and her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College and is a certified meditation and mindfulness instructor. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, including the Washington Post, BBC Travel, Yoga Journal, Refinery 29, Woman's Day, Pregnancy Magazine and the Huffington Post. She lives in Washington, DC and offers workshops and private programs. Visit her at

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ISBN: 9781938289514
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Published: Hierophant Publishing - April 18th, 2016