But Children Matter (Kobo eBook)

But Children Matter By Kenneth G. Warren, John S. Knox, Chris Goeppner, Art Matheny, Jenny Matheny Cover Image
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Often, a disconnect exists between the way pastors, children's ministry volunteers, and churches describe the health and impact of children's ministry volunteers (and the overall functioning of an ongoing children's ministry). The volunteer dysfunction that is evident in many churches goes beyond the building scenario or the current strategy that leadership is pursuing. If one asks the pastor of just about any local church how the children's ministry is going, most pastors will respond positively. However, if speaking with a children's ministry volunteer, one is likely to hear, "I am burned out, but I feel obligated to serve here because we have such a shortage of volunteers and I do love these kids." Too often, there is no program in place to monitor the health of the ministry. Official training is lacking, church vision is blurred, and many children's ministry volunteers feel like they are nothing more than large-group, unpaid babysitters. This book analyzes these problems and provides pragmatic, systematic steps to a healthier, more robust children's ministry.

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ISBN-13: 9781532686948
Publisher: Wipf and Stock
Publication Date: February 14th, 2020