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First serialized in the “Christian Union”, and then published as a novel in 1884, “Ramona”, by Helen Hunt Jackson, is the fictional story of its title character, a part Scottish and part Indian orphan girl who endures great discrimination while growing up in the late 19th century. Immensely popular when it first appeared, “Ramona” is set in Southern California shortly after the Mexican-American War and is well known for its depiction of Mexican colonial life and the unique culture of the region. The novel follows the difficult life of Ramona as she grows up in the loveless care of Señora Moreno, the sister of Ramona’s deceased foster mother. Ramona falls in love with Alessandro, a Native American sheep shearer who works on the Moreno ranch, and elopes with him after Señora Moreno disapproves of their relationship. Ramona and Alessandro face great hardship and tragedy as they try to create a life together in a harsh and unforgiving world dominated by greedy American settlers and violent conflict. “Ramona” is a timeless and touching story of discrimination, displacement, heartache, and ultimately, hope and resilience. This edition includes a biographical afterword.