Just Because You're An American Doesn't Mean You Have To Eat Like One! by Michele Jacobson

Just Because You're An American Doesn't Mean You Have To Eat Like One!

No fads. No foolishness. Just facts about wholesome, hearty fare stemming from traditional diets of the world, and the eating habits that have helped those cultures achieve superior health statistics.

Just Because You're An American Doesn't Mean You Have To Eat Like One! is a veritable guidebook for anyone who seeks to eat a healthier diet. Based on a multitude of sound nutritional studies to support her conclusions, Michele Jacobson draws from the traditional diets of France, Japan, the Mediterranean region and India to develop a new traditional American diet. This is not just another book that bashes the typical American diet, but one that encourages us toward a diet we can be proud to call our own.

As the Western Diet, typified by highly processed, unnatural and fast foods, increasingly spreads from the U.S. throughout the world, it is accompanied by a host of health woes. This book will steer you from that path and will also provide a wealth of information on what is available in the American marketplace. It's all you need to start making informed choices about what to eat for better health.

With the current societal trend toward healthy eating, and the increasing availability of fresh and unprocessed foods in our marketplace, this, America, is a change that is possible!

In Just Because You're an American... Michele Jacobson has found a concise and informative way to educate us about the benefits and absolute necessity of eating good, wholesome foods. This book is an easy read that makes it even easier to be a healthy American! - Dr. Frank Auriemma, N.D., Ph.D.

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Jacobson, Michele
Shire Press (Northshire Bookstore)
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