Donating Your Used Books

How it works: Have books in good, readable condition you don't want anymore? We'd like to offer you a credit to our stores in Manchester and Saratoga in return for your gently-loved books.

So what do I do? We'll accept 1 small, stackable box of books per month from each customer. We ask that these books be sealed and lightly packed so that they can be easily lifted. A box previously used for a case of wine, old packaging from an online retailer, copier paper boxes, bank boxes are all ideal. You will be asked to fill out a form for the box with your name and email address.

When can I drop them off? Your box can be dropped off at any time during store hours, 10-6 daily.

How much will my credit be? Your credit varies depending on condition and desirability.

Books are valued as follows:

  • Mass-market paperbacks: .25 - .75 (we ask that these be mysteries, scifi or romance ONLY please)
  • Trade paperbacks: .75 – $2.00
  • Hardcovers: $2.00 – $5.00
  • Autographed by author: $10.00+

Be advised: The value of your book depends on consumer demand. No matter how loved, not every book is a goldmine. We can't accept every book regardless of the condition.

What can I use my credit on? Your credit can be spent on anything in the store, or online at Our booksellers can locate your credit using your name or Rewards account.

When will I hear from you? Processing books can take anywhere from six to eight weeks.

What happens to the books you don't take? These are donated to local library sales or are recycled.

Can I drop-off books in Saratoga? We only accept used book donations at our Manchester store. Your credit will be good for use at both stores.

Can I get my books back? Unfortunately, no. If we feel there is a valuable book in your lot that we would be unable to sell through the store, we will contact you and allow you to pick it up.

We DO NOT accept damp, dirty, moldy, foxed, underlined or highlighted books. We pass on most cookbooks. We don't accept textbooks, travel guides, diet books, computer or business books older than one year. We do not accept books without dust jackets. We do not accept encyclopedias, Time-Life, Reader's Digest or Book of the Month Club editions. We are unable to accept Scholastic editions for distribution only in schools, audio books, sets, etc. We also cannot accept library books.

Will you give me a huge credit for my rare or valuable book? If you have a book you think is especially valuable, you would be better served by contacting Hermit Hill in Poultney ((802) 287-5757), the Chester Bookworm in Chester, VT ((802) 875-5886), or Lyrical Ballad in Saratoga ((518) 584-8779). Our stock is more for general browsers.