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Bookseller Profile: Jennifer Armstrong

Jennifer Armstrong is a children’s bookseller who has been at Northshire Saratoga since it opened in 2013. A 30 year resident of Saratoga, Jennifer brings a unique and valuable perspective to Northshire. She spent 30 years as an author of children’s books, writing over 100 titles for children and teens. After this lengthy run she decided it was time to move on. With so much writing experience, transitioning into selling children’s books made perfect sense.

Father's Day

Buying books for my father is a challenge - almost an insurmountable one. He holds a PhD in optical physics from Harvard, spent his entire career in research at IBM throughout its heyday, directing science and technology development. He has been on every national academy board, engineering or science task force, science advisory panel, held chairs or guest professorships in engineering and physics at MIT, UVA, and UMass - you name it.

The Top Three Dinosaur Books for Adults

Most adults probably haven’t thought about dinosaurs since they were kids. If the last time you paid any attention to paleontology was the 1980s you’re in for a surprise. Many paradigms have changed and the general picture of what life was like in the Mesozoic has shifted substantially. This list is by no means comprehensive, but if you’re curious about dinosaurs or, if you have children and want to be able to answer their dino-related questions, it’s a fine start.

My Beloved Brontosaurus by Brian Switek


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