Notes From the Shire

Why We Should Read the Classics

The youth of today (myself being one of them) are generally more concerned with technology than with literature, and the majority vehemently hate the books that are picked by teachers for English class. These books are often classics, often more than 50 years old, and often written by someone long dead. As highschool students, we categorize these books into a hate list, regardless of the content or genre, solely because we are required to read them.

Movies For the Ages

As a follow up to our earlier “Desert Island Disc” staff project, Northshire staffers recently put together a list of their all time favorite movies. For some reason I can't quite put my finger on, as much as I enjoyed the prior project and love music without equal, there was something even more magical about watching this list of cinematic favorites come together.

Philip Roth

I was sad to hear the news that Philip Roth had died on May 22nd, the very day I accepted my new position here at Northshire Bookstore as the new events manager, but he had had a full career and, amazingly, retired from writing fiction in 2012. A perennial candidate for the Nobel, every year I wondered whether that would be the year he won. I have not read his work extensively, but was deeply impressed by the books I know.

Bookseller Profile: Jennifer Armstrong

Jennifer Armstrong is a children’s bookseller who has been at Northshire Saratoga since it opened in 2013. A 30 year resident of Saratoga, Jennifer brings a unique and valuable perspective to Northshire. She spent 30 years as an author of children’s books, writing over 100 titles for children and teens. After this lengthy run she decided it was time to move on. With so much writing experience, transitioning into selling children’s books made perfect sense.


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