Notes From the Shire

Box Brown in Conversation

Notes from the Shire by Chris L


I’ve been a huge fan of Box Brown’s work for quite a few years now. His graphic novels, illustrated with his trademark cartoon style, always seem to appeal to my exact niche interests. Pro wrestling, videogames, stand up comedy, and more weave their way into and out of Brown’s work. I was lucky enough to recently talk with Box about his past, present, and future.

Spring Warm Up

Notes from the Shire by Nate

It’s mid-February. That means it’s almost March, which means it’s time to start thinking about Spring. Just because it’s below freezing and we could still get another snow storm doesn’t mean we can’t get ready for warmer weather. Here’s a few ideas to get the most out of the late winter and spring seasons.


Profound Reads- Part Two

Profound Books - Part 2


The Shepherd's Life by James Rebanks

It is the author's ability to fully articulate what it means for a place to be home, truly home, whether you are there or not, be it for man or beast, to feel it's draw, to feel it's presence(or lack of), to hear its call. That is what makes this book profound to me. -Becky Doherty

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, I was speaking to a dear friend of mine about the last book he had read, Zadie Smith’s On Beauty. He’d enjoyed it, he told me,  and he casually mentioned that it was the first time he had ever read a book written by a black woman.

He was 30.

“Not on purpose!” he insisted. “It’s just I love Asimov, Danielewski, Kerouac, Lovecraft, etc., and the brain always wants more of the same, and that genre just tends to be written by white men.”

Profound Reads- Part One

Jack Kelly Event

Naturally folks who work at a bookstore are quite serious about reading. It comes with the territory and, with access to all those books and the need to be knowledgeable about those books, Northshire staff read a lot of them. I recently presented Bookstore staff with the question “What is the most profound book you’ve ever read?” The results were highly individualized with no overlap to speak of. Here are some of the picks, with another round to follow soon...


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