A Time of Gifts

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A Time of Gifts: On Foot to Constantinople: From the Hook of Holland to the Middle Danube Cover Image
By Patrick Leigh Fermor, Jan Morris (Introduction by)
ISBN: 9781590171653
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Published: NYRB Classics - October 3rd, 2005

In 1933, at age 18 and just expelled from school, Fermor decided to walk from Amsterdam to Constantinople. These are the first two thirds of a remarkable journey by one of Europe's greatest travel writers. We can hope he will finally complete the third volume - he's only 94 and has recently learned to type! ~ Reviewed by Louise Jones

New York's Unique and Unexpected Places

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New York's Unique and Unexpected Places Cover Image
By Judith Stonehill, Alexandra Stonehill (Photographs by), Ethan Hawke (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9780789320117
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Published: Universe - October 6th, 2009

New York's Unique & Unexpected Places by Judith Stonehill & Alexandra Stonehill is a delightful guide to fifty unusual places in NYC. Interesting museums like The Skyscraper Museum, small gardens like the Garden of Stones and specialty bookstores like Idlewild Books, a travel bookstore, are a few of the places included. Fun and entertaining. ~ Reviewed by Sarah Knight

Trafficking in Sheep

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Trafficking in Sheep: A Memoir Cover Image
ISBN: 9780881506365
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Published: Countryman Press - May 17th, 2006

I picked up this book because of my interest in sheep and in Nova Scotia, and became immersed in the author's multi-faceted life. Fascinating and impressive, this book shows you just how many lives you can live if you put your mind to it! A good read for the armchair adventurer. ~ Reviewed by Karen Frank

Under the Tuscan Sun

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Under the Tuscan Sun: 20th-Anniversary Edition Cover Image
ISBN: 9780767900386
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Published: Broadway Books - September 2nd, 1997

Frances Mayes does for Tuscany what Peter Mayle did for Provence. This is a witty, loving portrayal of the beauty, history, people, and food of this beautiful region of Italy. ~ Reviewed by Barbara Morrow

Driving Mr. Albert

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Driving Mr. Albert: A Trip Across America with Einstein's Brain Cover Image
ISBN: 9780385333030
Availability: Special Order
Published: Dial Press Trade Paperback - June 5th, 2001

Michael Paterniti's Driving Mr. Albert: A Trip Across America with Einstein's Brain is a thoroughly engaging composite of road trip, shaggy dog story, riff on Albert Einstein's life and theories, memoir, and more, with some characters that seem to have escaped from a David Lynch movie. Paterniti, a magazine journalist, tools across the country in a rented Buick Skylark with two passengers. One is Dr. Thomas Stolz Harvey, the 84-year old retired pathologist who performed the autopsy on Einstein in 1955 in Princeton, New Jersey. Harvey removed the great scientist's brain, hoping to discover the secret of his genius, and took it home with him. Although he has shared parts of it with other researchers through the years, most of it, floating in formaldehyde in a Tupperware bowl, is Paterniti's second passenger, safely ensconced in a dufflebag in the Skylark's trunk. The point of the trip is to show the brain to Einstein's bemused granddaughter Evelyn, who lives in Berkeley, California. In Lawrence, Kansas, they visit a dying William S. Burroughs, a former neighbor of Harvey's, where the two old geezers hold a Mad Tea Party-like conversation. Stopping at roadside attractions along the way, Paterniti and Harvey reminisce, philosophize, and often talk at cross purposes. Paterniti sorts out his complicated personal life while Harvey considers the future of their other passenger, addresses a class of high school students in San Jose, and shows the brain to a pair of Paterniti's good friends, all the while refusing to let his chauffeur take a gander. In less sure hands this book would fall flat, but Paterniti's ability to make sense of its random parts, his intelligence, appreciation of the absurd, curiosity, writing talent, and wit make it a delight. ~ Reviewed by Louise Jones


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