The Best in the World

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The Best in the World: At What I Have No Idea Cover Image
ISBN: 9781592409433
Availability: Special Order
Published: Berkley - March 22nd, 2016

Chris Jericho is a modern-day Renaissance Man. He has been a highly decorated professional wrestler for over 25 years, a platinum-selling rock star with his metal band Fozzy, a television host of the game show Downfall, and a successful contestant on ABC's Dancing with the Stars. Even though this is Jericho's third memoir, he has no shortage of stories to tell. Readers will get a glimpse into the inner workings of the WWE's Vince McMahon and his media empire, life on the road of the heavy metal circuit, training for DWTS, and so much more. Jericho doesn't go easy on himself either, as he copes with his frequent drinking binges, time away from his family, and nearly being detained in Brazil after kicking the flag during a WWE show. Who knew that was a felony? ~ Reviewed by Chris Linendoll

Pirate Hunters

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Pirate Hunters: Treasure, Obsession, and the Search for a Legendary Pirate Ship Cover Image
ISBN: 9780812973693
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Published: Random House Trade Paperbacks - March 1st, 2016

Kurson's narrative is straightforward and exciting, as he tells of the search for the Golden Fleece, lost ship of the remarkable pirate, Joseph Bannister. Bannister quite suddenly and inexplicably gave up his life as a well-respected ship's captain to turn pirate. Although he could rightfully have taken a place alongside Blackbeard, his name has been lost to history. The search for Bannister's ship is fascinating, as are the characters conducting it. If you are an armchair adventurer, this is the book for you. Out in June. ~ Reviewed by Erik Barnum

Skate the World

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Skate the World: Photographing One World of Skateboarding Cover Image
By Jonathan Mehring, Tony Hawk (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9781426213960
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: National Geographic - October 6th, 2015

A collaboration between Levis Skating and National Geographic. Incredible photography and great stories about spreading the sport to less-privileged areas of the world. Makes me sad I'm too old and uncoordinated to skate. ~ Reviewed by Chris Linendoll

250 Amazing Hunting Tips

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250 Amazing Hunting Tips: The Best Tactics and Techniques to Get Your Game This Season Cover Image
ISBN: 9781632203038
Availability: Special Order
Published: Skyhorse - August 25th, 2015

Over time, hunters tend to fall into established routines simply because it's the way things are done. This comprehensive volume will help break hunters out of their old habits. It covers the entire spectrum of big and small game, providing useful tips for hunters of all skill levels, no matter what their target species. Given Lamar Underwood's lengthy career in writing and editing books for sportsman, it's a solid bet the information is field-tested. ~ Reviewed by Nate George

My Fight / Your Fight

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My Fight / Your Fight Cover Image
ISBN: 9781941393260
Availability: Hard to Find - May no longer be available
Published: Regan Arts. - May 12th, 2015

The currently-undefeated UFC Women's Champion has quite a story to tell already. Having barely survived a traumatic birth, Rousey didn't speak until she was well into her toddler years. Her mother was a world judo champion, and her hard-working father was her hero. After a tragic accident, her father suffers an incredibly degenerative back injury, eventually committing suicide. Finding strength and resolve after her loss, Ronda follows in her mother's footsteps. Rousey becomes obsessed with judo, and eventually a 2-time Olympian.

After successfully transferring to MMA, she single-handedly convinces the UFC to start a Women's division. Written with very candid insights into her personal life, each chapter is a small, intense vignette that propels the reader forward. ~ Reviewed by Chris Linendoll

Yes!: My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of Wrestlemania

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Yes: My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250067883
Availability: Hard to Find - May no longer be available
Published: St. Martin's Press - July 21st, 2015

A real-life David vs. Goliath tale told through the prism of the wacky world of pro wrestling. Daniel Bryan is a 5 ft.-8 in. tall former vegan with a giant unkempt beard, an average build, and a heart 3 sizes too big. He is in no way your typical WWE wrestler. But through hard work, perseverance, and simply being a genuine person, he has become one of the icons of his generation. This memoir follows Bryan’s path from the Pacific Northwest, to Japan, to California, to finally the WWE, and everywhere in between. Humorous road stories, personal struggles, health concerns, relationship woes, and his eventual odds-defying win at Wrestlemania XXX are wonderfully told straight from the “goat’s” mouth. ~ Reviewed by Chris Linendoll


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