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Project Hail Mary: A Novel by Andy Weir - Book Review

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Project Hail Mary: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593135204
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Published: Ballantine Books - May 4th, 2021

I absolutely loved Project Hail Mary the latest novel by Andy Weir, author of The Martian. Humanity is on the brink of a mass extinction and only one crew member remains on a long shot mission to save Earth. But Dr. Grace is not your typical astronaut; instead he is a junior high school science teacher who wakes on the ship to find he is the lone survivor of the crew with no memory of who he is or why he is there. As his memory returns he begins to understand the scope of the puzzle he must solve and he learns the importance of friendship. ~ Reviewed by Ben Parker

Sun-Daughters, Sea-Daughters by Aimee Ogden - Book Review

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Sun-Daughters, Sea-Daughters Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250782120
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Published: Tordotcom - February 23rd, 2021

Sun-Daughters, Sea-Daughters is a queer, sci-fi retelling of The Little Mermaid, set in space. It follows our main character, Atuale who is from a sea-dwelling clan, but falls in love with a land-dweller. With new technology, she is able to gain her legs and live among them, however when a plague descends upon her husband's people, Atuale will go to the ends of the planet, even beyond to find a cure. It is a unique novella with beautiful world-building. Perfect for fairy tale and sci-fi fans alike. ~ Reviewed by Cassidy Washburn

Klara and the Sun: A novel by Kazuo Ishiguro - Book Review

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Klara and the Sun: A novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593318171
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Published: Knopf - March 2nd, 2021

Reminiscent of his highly praised Never Let Me Go in both tone and intention, Ishiguro is exploring near-futures again in this sci-fi-tinged literary novel. Klara is an Artificial Friend, a solar-powered, artificially intelligent, humanlike robot designed to accompany a child as they grow up. Klara is observant, noticing patterns around her and expressing them eloquently if uniquely; she's tender, empathetic, and optimistic, but the family she is sold to has complexities beyond the familiarities of the shop. The daughter is excited but the mother is hesitant, and there's much more to their purchase than first meets the eye. As this quasi-dystopian world opens up through Klara's narrow perspective, Ishiguro reveals just how many layers are hiding beneath the surface. I was taken aback by the plausibility of this future, and by the generosity and humanity Ishiguro continually gives his characters—even when that character is a robot. ~ Reviewed by Joe Michon-Huneau

Remote Control by Nnedi Okorafor - Book Review

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Remote Control Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250772800
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Published: Tordotcom - January 19th, 2021

Although short in length, Remote Control has the same effect as a full novel. Okorafor’s world building and character development is unparalleled. At the age of 7, Fatima becomes the adopted daughter of death, and is now known only as Sankofa. After a meteor shower in her town, she comes to possess unique abilities that can cause death to those around her. After a fateful event, Sankofa sets out, with only a fox as her companion. This novella was beautifully written, alternating perfectly between Sankofa’s childhood and her present. It features sci-fi elements but is ultimately so much more than that. It explores the depths of humanity and how hardship affects people differently. I highly recommend this novella if you are looking to get into Nnedi Okorafor’s writing or science fiction in general. ~ Reviewed by Cassidy Washburn

Meet Me in Another Life: A Novel by Catriona Silvey - Book Review

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Meet Me in Another Life: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780063020207
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Published: William Morrow - April 27th, 2021

An absolutely incredible concept brought to life by a stunning new voice in literature. I simply could not put this book down, I had to live in this world as much as possible. We get to know our two protagonists so utterly completely, as they live their lives, but differently, over and over again. This novel has time travel, mystery, exploration of self, and at its heart, true love. Just the best kind of storytelling. ~ Reviewed by Becky Doherty

The October Country: Stories by Ray Bradbury - Book Review

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The October Country: Stories Cover Image
ISBN: 9780345324481
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Published: Del Rey - April 12th, 1985

A delightfully eerie collection of short stories from the master of science fiction and fantasy. Bradbury's special gift in his subtle horror storytelling is that you aren't necessarily frightened while reading his stories, but after a few hours or even days go by, the stories come back to you and leave the creepy feeling that maybe some of the tales weren't fictional after all... ~ Reviewed by Laura Knapp


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