The Rutland Road

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The Rutland Road: Second Edition (New York State) By Jim Shaughnessy Cover Image
ISBN: 9780815604563
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Published: Syracuse University Press - March 1st, 1997

Jim Shaughnessy is well known throughout the rail fan community as one of the premier scholars of New England Railroading. Jim manages to marry fine attention to detail and technical accuracy in a book which is accessible to all. The Rutland Road is a book that anyone interested in the unique and fascinating story of one of America's most storied roads should pick up. It is the definative short work on the Rutland Railroad and it is also a pleasure to read. ~ Reviewed by Cheryl Cornwell

Full Duty

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Full Duty: Vermonters in the Civil War By Howard Coffin Cover Image
ISBN: 9780881503494
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Published: Countryman Press - November 17th, 1995

More than 10% of Vermont's population served in the Civil War, a greater percentage than any other state. Coffin describes the political and intellectual history of pre-war Vermont, the fervor to fight, and the battles in which Vermonters saw action. Meticulously researched and well-illustrated, this is a book that helps bring alive a vital era in Vermont and US history, mainly through letters, diaries and memoirs. Illustrated.

Also see Nine Months to Gettysburg by the same author.

~ Reviewed by Louise Jones

Revolutionary Outlaws

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Revolutionary Outlaws: Ethan Allen and the Struggle for Independence on the Early American Frontier By Michael Bellesiles Cover Image
ISBN: 9780813916033
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Published: University of Virginia Press - March 1st, 1995

By law and by logic Vermont should not exist...but it does...and the amazing story is wonderfully told in this modern, deeply researched history. Outstanding! ~ Reviewed by Bill Lewis

Counterfeit Man

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ISBN: 9780870238376
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Published: University of Massachusetts Press - April 13th, 1993

Manchester, Vermont & Murder Most Foul!...(or not.) This is one of those "small history" titles that are such a delight to discover and that simultaneously entertain and enlighten. And who doesn't love a true murder mystery tale that features ghostly specters and villagers in a frenzied search for evidence that may (or may not) be found "where the potatoes don't freeze." University of Massachusetts historian Gerald McFarland originally intended to write a conventional history explaining the formative years of a Vermont town. But while investigating early Manchester he became fascinated with the notorious Boorn-Colvin story that, in the early 19 century, caused an uproar throughout the Northshire and a sensation all along the American sea board. And it turned out to be a marvelous vehicle for understanding the volatile tensions, stresses, and strains at work in a still developing New England village. Whether you live in Manchester, or are just visiting, COUNTERFEIT MAN is a wonderful read. The sites described are still here (including the house where it all started), the descendants numerous, and the mystery remains as intriguing as it was nearly two centuries ago. ~ Reviewed by Bill Lewis

A Stranger in the Kingdom

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A Stranger In The Kingdom: A Novel By Howard Frank Mosher Cover Image
ISBN: 9780618240104
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Published: Mariner Books - September 4th, 2002

All of Mosher's novels and stories feature characters as rugged and individualistic as the harsh, unforgiving land where they live, Kingdom County, based on Vermont's wild Northeast Kingdom. Many of the bizarre incidents and quirky characters are based on real events and people whose stories Mosher has translated into richly textured fiction. He also enriches his books and creates a living territory with many memorable recurring characters. This is Mosher's most popular and best known book. It is based on an incident which occurred years ago in Irasburg, VT, when an African-American doctor and his family were harassed until they left town. In the novel, a local Kingdom County church hires an African-American minister, a Canadian widower with a teenage son. When a girl is found murdered, the son is accused. This powerful book deals not only with racial prejudice but also with the paranoia of an inbred society. The story is narrated years later by James Kinneson, who was 13 at the time. It is a coming of age story for James, as he learns the truth about his townspeople as well as his family.

Mosher bases many of his stories on actual events and characters. Author lives in northern VT. ~ Reviewed by Louise Jones


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