Freedom's Daughters

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Freedom's Daughters: The Unsung Heroines of the Civil Rights Movement from 1830 to 1970 Cover Image
ISBN: 9780684850139
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Published: Scribner Book Company - February 5th, 2002

As the first comprehensive history of the role of women in the civil rights movement, this book fills the huge gap in both the literature of the civil rights movement and in women's history. Olson places the civil rights movement in the larger context of women's activism in America and details the lives of more than sixty revolutionary women—many of whom were never written about or have been forgotten. She reveals the difficult choices these women made as they tried to balance their responsibilities as wives and mothers while defying society's standards.

The New Feminist Agenda

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The New Feminist Agenda: Defining the Next Revolution for Women, Work, and Family Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781603582919
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Published: Chelsea Green Publishing Company - April 23rd, 2012

Vermont's former governor proves that the personal really is political in this informative - and slightly frightening - account of how the United States lags behind nearly every advanced country in paid family leave, child care and women in office, and what we can do about it. ~ Reviewed by Jess Hanlon

Love, InshAllah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women

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Love, InshAllah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women Cover Image
By Nura Maznavi (Editor), Ayesha Mattu (Editor)
ISBN: 9781593764289
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Published: Soft Skull Press - February 17th, 2012

These are engaging stories written by American Muslim women hell-bent on changing the misconceptions of their sex and religion. From religious freedom to sexual prowess, polygamy to homosexuality, these women are rebellious, sexual, witty, independent... this astonishing list goes on! Love, Inshallah effectively broke down Muslim habits for the reader for a more thorough understanding of the culture, as well as the delicate balance between personal freedom and adherence to religious preferences (which, as you can imagine, is quite tricky). Truly ground- and heart- breaking honesty that will leave you enlightened and feeling great. ~ Reviewed by Jess Hanlon

A customer just ordered this book and this is why....

Jennifer Schmidt just ordered the English translation of Elisabeth Badinter's most recent book. The Conflict: How Modern Motherhood Undermines the Status of Women (04/24/12).

"Hoping it will stay true to the depth of her thought. This New Yorker article on her writings is lengthy but worth a read. Every synopsis I've come across of her work doesn't begin to cover the extent of what she's discussing - it's a much broader cultural analysis."

Thank you, Jenn, for supporting independent bookselling!

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The Conflict: How Overzealous Motherhood Undermines the Status of Women Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781250032096
Availability: Out of Print
Published: Picador - June 4th, 2013

A Strange Stirring

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A Strange Stirring: The Feminine Mystique and American Women at the Dawn of the 1960s Cover Image
ISBN: 9780465028429
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Published: Basic Books - March 6th, 2012

A highly readable account of the effect that Betty Freidan's controversial 1963 book The Feminine Mystique had on American women. Anecdotes from letters and interviews are moving and evocative of a time that now seems ancient. ~ Reviewed by Louise Jones

The Second Sex

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The Second Sex Cover Image
By Simone De Beauvoir, Constance Borde (Translated by), Sheila Malovany-Chevallier (Translated by)
ISBN: 9780307277787
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Published: Vintage - May 3rd, 2011

"One is not born a woman, but becomes one." Find out why, how, and the distinction in this feminist essential... and share it with everyone. ~ Reviewed by Jess Hanlon


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