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A confederacy of the undead

Don’t feel badly if you have assumed for years that the Civil War in the United States was fought over the issue of slavery. I did too. It wasn't, not really. Although it was a fact known only to men at the highest levels of government, the South was crawling with vampires. They thrived upon the blood of the slaves who were supposedly recruited to work the cotton fields and serve mint juleps and say endearing things like, “Miss Scarlet, you gonna catch your death of the damp!”

Fortunately for the nation, the person in the Oval Office was a man who was used to dealing with vampires. A lot of people don’t even believe they exist. As a boy, Abraham Lincoln had watched his beloved mother fall victim to one and he has devoted the rest of his life to avenging her death. His involvement in politics came later, although he embraced it with the same fervor he used to lop off undead heads. (READ MORE)

Everybody ought to have a maid

I heard a lot about American Horror Story (dvd) or (blu-ray) and most of the talk was good. The proverbial fly was the fact that it is produced by Ryan Murphy, the person generally held responsible for Glee, an unbearably earnest television series for people who have stores of optimism that would make Mr. Rogers gag. The kids in Glee don't so much attend a high school as represent a developmental and/or sociological Issue (capitalization intended). The show's moral, I guess, is that anything can be overcome if you can manage to keep a song in your heart and your school's drama department has a budget that would be the envy of the Shubert Organization. (READ MORE)


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