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The new feature film about the Master of Suspense is based on a good book, but it has been deflated by the insertion of two bad ideas in the guise of subplots. The source material was a book by Stephen Rebello called Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho. While it concentrates on the tortured evolution and execution of Hitch’s most celebrated work, Hitchcock is engrossing fare, but, like the unfortunate Marion Crane, it wanders off the main road. Hitchcock is entertaining, thanks mostly to a pair of fine performances, but as a serious attempt to unmask the dark demons that drove its subject, the film is slick, superficial, and sometimes downright silly.

Director Sacha Gervasi frames his film as if it was an episode of Hitchcock’s popular television series, with Hitch’s droll commentaries on some grisly bit of action that has just transpired. It opens with him is on the sidelines observing a notorious serial killer dispatch one of his victims in the yard of the spooky old Wisconsin farmhouse where Ed Gein lived with his mother. (READ MORE)


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