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Another not-so-Great Gatsby

Hollywood never has had much luck with F. Scott Fitzgerald and Fitzgerald never had much luck in Hollywood. The only film he ever got screen credit for script writing was Frank Borzage’s 1938 wartime romance, Three Comrades. And, as if the injury done to Tender Is the Night and The Last Tycoon wasn't bad enough, the author was played by Gregory Peck in a booze-soaked treatment of his affair with a gossip columnist that was so awful that even Deborah Kerr couldn't make it respectable.

Baz Luhmann’s The Great Gatsby, which has recently been released on Blu ray and DVD, is the fourth attempt at adapting Fitzgerald’s economically rich novel about a hopeless romantic and the vapid object of his adoration. As played by Leonardo DiCaprio, Jay Gatsby inspires both fear and pity. He demonstrates explosive outbursts of emotion that are counterpointed with a faith in the power of true love to transcend obstacles that would put Cyrano to shame. The performance is a step forward. Robert Redford, in an equally lavish 1974 version, was just a well-dressed bore. (READ MORE)


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