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A resounding crash

A car careens along a treacherous road, horn frantically honking, passing other vehicles, tires screeching on curves until it comes to that inevitable curve that it just can’t make. The black Ford goes shooting off the road, smashing through the guardrail and becomes airborne for a few moments. It crashes down on the rocky terrain and collapses like an accordion.

Three cars and a truck pull up to the scene. Five men gaze at the twisted wreckage in horror. They head down the steep grade to see if they can help the driver, who has been thrown clear and now lies contorted on the rocks. After they scramble their way to him, one of the men asks the poor guy, “Do you think you are hurt bad?”

Lifting his sweat-soaked head off of it’s painful pillow, the driver looks at the other men pitifully and says, “Is he kidding?”

And thus begins the monumentally chaotic rush to be the first to get to Santa Rosita State Park where $350,000 is buried “under a big W.” (READ MORE)


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